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Reason and Emotion!

Reason and Emotion!

"Essential is even love. It is impossible to be happy alone." In fact, it is. But no fun to be happy if we have to share with.

And besides, that this gray life without love. Passionless.

Split joy with friends is almost, but share joy with love, is full.

After long periods working, playing, studying, worrying or even loving, a pause is necessary. The good times are for the enjoyment, bad for learning. Those who just enjoy, stop at leisure time, parties, lack of self-knowledge and utility. Go out and try it all helps to know each other more, of course. But all this freedom, if not accompanied by moments of silence and reflection, it is worth nothing. After all, marionettes of life, we see every day. People living madly as if there were no tomorrow, consuming everything possible that the world produces. articulate and experienced, but when we try to pull it a little more up, put themselves in the position of spiritual beings who are here for a reason that is very special and the mushroom tea showed them that consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg of an infinite feelings and souls that exist in this world. Nothing against. They are good people to spend some time. But the time comes when it is necessary to collect. If it does, stop consuming, speaking, listening, writing, drinking, smoking. Lack nowadays the moment of self reflection. Lack time for self evaluation.

Reason and Emotion!

Speaking of self evaluation, let's talk about what both baffles. Let's talk about love, sit there. What would love if not the main concern of humanity? And what would be the main concern of humanity if not the largest drug to which a human being can become addicted? Passion is the drug that has its most lasting effect. According to some two years, according to others, to life and, for some, a few days, some less ... but the truth is that not only lasts a few hours, unlike drugs created by man or by nature. Passion, initial fire of love, is our personal drug, interior, fabricated and destroyed ourselves. So I brought some thoughts about love, passion and reason, coming from moments of self reflection.

1) You do not need love to be in love.

Passion is intense. Love is with time. Do not say you love in vain. Love is more than that. To be in love is not necessary to love. We fall in love with what destroys us, but not love. Being aware of this, we do not suffer any more for excitement of crap. Passion gives and goes. It can happen a thousand times. Love is rare. Love maintains, love prevails, love gives strength. Passion draws strength.

2) The more dated, most tend to think of dating.

In this moment of reflection I invite you to rethink some points. Recognize that the more dated, the more we become accustomed to having someone around. Care ... Grace is one thing. Love is another. But only we love if we are poor too. Confuse up.

3) The more done, more prepared we are.

Less frustrated we are. Less suffering and have less willing to fall in love we become. Now we see we were tired of this game. The sentimental maturity leads us to recognize that not everything is as we want and those who most value we were the same as in most disappointed. Life becomes boring. Watch out! Let's go back a bit more now, so that everything can return to normal, we need without suffering the same mistakes again.

4) What criteria did you use to deliver your heart to someone?

When did we give a lot of value to this that both let us down? What things in exchange perceive those we love so much before? We were blind and intense hoping that those people were in complete and would be the light of our way. IT IS. There were even. Never went. We are all individual even together. People are used to add, not to replace the lack of you do yourself.

According to psychology, we tend to love those who represent what we lack. Bad idea, humans. That's why we broke the face. In blindly donate to those who hope to solve our problems. Not solve. Do not even try. And the worst thing is to open ourselves without them nor deem to work before showing its characteristics to decide to give or not. We learn that steps are taken one at a time. It's just that. You take a step and hopes that the other take and stand by your side. If it fails, stop. Just do not run away while the other wants to stand still waiting for you to play an abyss alone.

Being aware of it, then to look for what we lack in ourselves, otherwise when we take of the beloved what completes us, briefly descartaremos as "a lesson learned for life." Or shall we say: "The just chemistry, dear." Or, use this person as a support, a cane, for we support our fears and indecisions, when we fail to learn the lessons we wanted to learn.

5) You are looking for ice cream in the butcher shop?

You see ... You want the love of your life. Want a quiet person, confident, responsible and everything else ... But you note liking a person who tells you that life is a bed of roses, there are no problems, you have to believe in the power of attraction. Daughter, all you have is a pseudo-prophetic leader at his side. Do not expect someone like that to pass up early to fight for something. After all, the energy will do for him. Using the same metaphor, look no features you want to see in people who verbalize you another proposal of life. It is liberating to know alternative people, but it does not hold long-term. Try raising children in today's world with someone sleeping until noon and spend the day playing, because "life is much more to suffer at work." Then tell me how.

6) Understand that the older we get, the more discerning we become. And that's good.

After a series of live flirtation, and we note repetition patterns and error. If we now go in a hurry, we note and brake up. If a person hurts us two or three times it is enough. We never return to teenage romances of endless comings and goings. If the person gives a mistake to mistreat the waiter, we already have that many problems exist in that person's personality and rethink whether to continue or not. We note here that the problem is not only the waiter, but this one.

7) We allow ourselves to suffer less and less. This is love itself.

In high school were the platonic love that lasted for months or years. It did not matter much more than the beauty of the loved one. In college, they were intense romances, with comings and goings and pitiful cries desperate for what, deep down, we knew it would give wrong from the start. We spent wondering whether beauty sets the table. Dictation old, but now applies to: a pretty face is enough to my feelings and needs? Then everything becomes very well thought and all we need are not more certain plans for life, but rather to enjoy the good times and live in the present. We have to realize that everything could end an hour to the other and, therefore, we will not head, we gradually giving as we receive. Already we know that we are the result of each person who went through our lives and all served maturing, growth and experience, then, we come to see the relationship as something to add, not as something to save us from our problems. We learn that friends should always be cultivated and that no one lives happily just next to a single person. It may take some time, but then the back empty. We are already mature enough to know that no one should complete us beyond ourselves and the other is there on our side to divide good things, good feelings and joy. Not become our future boyfriends potties for despejarmos our problems. Let us not expect the other to save us. Not because the other became the closest person, we should relax and transform the relationship into a toilet to play the shit of our lives. We learned that our smiles are more dependent on us than the universe and that our success or failure depends on how we view the world. We understand what is self and what is feeling. We often feel crazy to run after someone who rejected us, just for ego ... Damn the ego. It is good that we went back to being human. Nothing like a foot in the ass to realize that we are not the last cookie package. We have also learned that grace is not feeling the other. It is no use trying the other around if we do not feel right next to the person, if we do not realize that this person just in a foul and no other ... We learned that much like someone does not mean creating plans for life, but that just like the person. From there, we think the rest.

But the most important lesson of all and only learned from reflection, seeking alone time and in self-evaluate, is that ... nothing and nobody is perfect. So as well say my dear Gonzaga tribe, "if love is illusion, oh girl, I want to deceive me." Because there is no point we get calloused, blocked, closed and people become socks, feelings means, half-truths, half deliveries, half joy, half blues, half words, half life.

Let us use our learnings to better we select people with whom we interact. And that only comes through true relationship, the real conversation of hours together, the whole experience, completely.

Over time, we come to realize, too, that life goes on, we can die tomorrow, today, now. And that life is too short to shackle the fears and traumas. We spent the advantage, therefore, the better the opportunities that life presents to us and also to select more quickly if it may or may not be a good idea. If not, we open soon for something better and new. But just let delude ourselves as we want. We know that the reason takes the emotion and excess emotion blocks the reason. Overall, we prefer the excitement. But in the background, as we learn to reason, now we know how to deal with emotion. And so, we can choose the emotion with reason.

Reason and Emotion!

#3 @Hans Dholakia everything depends on the point of view which is taken as the truth, solitude is necessary for the creation, so silence is the key to a good meditation, the text covers the possibility, but it is right to abstain of our humanity? Thank you for raising this issue.

Hans Dholakia 3/11/2016 · #3

It is not correct to say that it is impossible to be happy alone. Poets, seers and yogi-meditators know the bliss of solitude. Also it is possible to have love for all even when alone, and to love none even when in crowd. Crowd is not company, nor is solitude loneliness.

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@Sushmita Thakare Jain a relationship survives not only passion, there must be a real connection, to become one, thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

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Sushmita Jain 7/10/2016 · #1

Great post from your heart! 'Let us use our learnings to better we select people with whom we interact. And that only comes through true relationship, the real conversation of hours together, the whole experience, completely.' this says it all.

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