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Physical symptoms of the mind-body relationship

For several decades, there has been growing interest in the relationship between emotions, thoughts and physical body. The scientific community has accepted the undeniable influence that these "invisible" factors have on our body.

For example, to suffer great emotional pain, such as loss of a loved one, someone can suffer a heart attack or a stroke, which can even lead to death.

But when emotions are so intense, it's a little more difficult to see the relationship between them and the state of our health. Moreover, the thoughts that feed can also influence our well-being, for good and for evil.

The relationship between emotions and our body is well known for popular wisdom. Something we noticed thanks to the experience and instinct. For example, it is common to feel stomachache before a test, job interview or other situation in which we will be measured.

The stomach pain may also be symptom of stress, such as when we have difficulties at work, in relationships or financial problems.

Difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite and tremors are also symptoms of a stressed mind.

Anxiety can lead some people to seek comfort in food, especially in foods high in sugar and carbohydrates, such as chocolate, cakes, cookies, drumsticks, pizzas etc. This can lead to increased weight and all the problems associated with it.

Shame makes our face turns red and the fear makes our face is pale. When emotion is very strong, the heart beats faster, increasing blood pressure.

Anyway, there are many "proofs" that emotions have a direct influence on our body, which can cause disease. But can we have some power over what we feel and think?


Positive affirmations to heal

The author Louise Hay is one of the most respected when it comes to claims for health, prosperity, well-being and healing. In his book "You Can Heal Your Life," "Heal Your Body" and "The power of positive affirmations", she shares many valuable information on how you can take responsibility for your emotions and thoughts, healing, thus not only body but also all areas of your life.

Louise believes that love itself is the key to health and true happiness. A simple exercise that anyone can do and what the author recommends in his books, is this:

About three times a day for at least a month, say, in front of the mirror, looking at his eyes, "I love you. I am proud of you". These simple but powerful statements must be said honestly, without any criticism. It is normal to feel some resistance at first, but persist until it becomes a natural habit to praise.

self-critical thoughts


Constantly, we have an "internal dialogue" with ourselves, without which we realized. They are the stories that repeat for days, months, years, decades, and for life, about who we are, what we can not do what others have done to us, etc.

When this dialogue is very negative, it brings harmful consequences for physical and mental health. Examples of negative internal dialogue:

- "I'm very dumb".

- "I'm too fat."

- "I can not lose weight."

- "People keep me going back."

- "Nobody likes me".

- "I'm (pretty / smart / rich / good ...) enough."

And so on.

A good way to combat these negative thoughts is in therapy. Jot them down in a journal and question them is also quite effective because you will become aware of your own inner dialogue.

Another harmful effect of these "internal dialogues" unconscious is that they will attract people who think like you about you. So, if you believe it's "stupid", for example, attract people in your life that will confirm this thought.

Good ways to improve your health through the emotions and thoughts


We can not "control" our thoughts and emotions, but we can adopt healthy practices that will help us deal better with them.

One such practice is meditation. Meditate may be the best thing to do as soon as you wake up in the morning. Devote 15 minutes a day to a meditative practice, alone or in groups.

Another very beneficial practice is the physical activities. Running, aerobics, hiking, aerobics, pilates, yoga and the various types of sports can do wonders for the body, increasing the level of endorphins and the feeling of well-being, helping to balance emotions.

Sing, dance, paint and perform some creative and artistic activity are balms for emotions. You can engage in some kind of activity as well as writing, painting on fabrics, embroidery and dance, to name a few. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people. deep relaxation exercises can be very healing. You can buy CDs or download over the internet meditations such as yoga nidra, a simple relaxation technique, but very effective.

Taking good care of your mental and emotional health will have a positive impact on your body's health. In addition, you will be cultivating a more positive attitude towards life, which attracts happiness.

Flávio Rodrigues Vieira 17/10/2016 · #21

#16 young you got it all wrong, the article aims to bring the awareness to people that our emotions direct influence on our quality of life and that many times lead not only in diseases of the mind, such as depression, but also body on you talk about external factors, I would be a hypocrite if talking to someone like face a weather event, or any catastrophe that may occur, but the difference and be positive is exactly this, see the example of the Japanese, suffered so much, but their union can do a feat that no other country has been able to, rebuild with tremendous agility, and not they see complaining about the catastrophe they have suffered, the only thing I see is a united and happy people, even with so many problems have not forgotten always think positive about their problems, because other people do not think so just tend to suffer more because they lose a lot of time crying over spilled milk, thanks for the comment!

Flávio Rodrigues Vieira 17/10/2016 · #20

@Jena Ball loved your work, you bring back the connection with each other in the middle of both individualism, I would have been his pupil, but although I am being now, when you came to this post to tell your opinion and add further our knowledge, I am extremely flattered to know that there are still people who have the vision to raise the children the best they can be, uncompetitive because they know that all are the best at what they choose to do.

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Flávio Rodrigues Vieira 17/10/2016 · #19

#11 interesting point of view, we are emotional in fact beings, we can not control the people who live around us and the emotions conveyed by it, but we can, as you said, an internal SWOT analysis of themselves, to get through adversity in a very more quiet and even in the worst of storms pull off a great learning experience, thanks for sharing the same point of view, it is extremely important to communion with our being

Flávio Rodrigues Vieira 17/10/2016 · #18

@Ali Anani well placed, science discovers every day that our emotions direct influence on our quality of life, so the importance of having good thoughts, thanks for comment!

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Sushmita Jain 16/10/2016 · #17

#13 Yes, thats right @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira!

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debasish majumder 16/10/2016 · #16

i am amazed to take notice in your article that, you have entirely ignored the external conditions which are primarily responsible for our change of attitudes in a given circumstances, and we have nothing to do in terms of controlling our endocrinology system, which resulted in our anomalies we experience in body politic. i could not get what in you exactly wanted to mean in your article Flavio Rodrigues Vieira. pretty confused!

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Jena Ball 16/10/2016 · #15

#12 Yes, that's right :-) You are welcome. This issue is at the heart of what I do - writing books and creating programs that help kids become kind and empathic adults who value differences, creativity and collaboration: http://notperfecthatclub.com

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Flávio Rodrigues Vieira 16/10/2016 · #14

@Sara Jacobovici thanks for the compliment, my focus is just that, bringing matters to people questioning without trial, all add and my own experiences, we are emotional beings, control our impulses on emotions is essential for a better quality of life, thanks again!

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