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The Importance of Living the Present!

The Importance of Living the Present!

" Do not go back to the same mistakes, the broken home, to waywardness, the broken promises, the failed relationship, the hypocrites friends the inhuman job. Do not give up what you are, what you believe, or no one will recognize the greatness that has inside. "

Flávio Rodrigues Vieira ' 

The future can be planned, desired, full of goals to be achieved and yet will always be uncertain, improbable, impossible to predict with accuracy. However, desire and strive for a better tomorrow and happier is good for us, feeding our forces always want to continue, inexhaustibly, no matter what. In this journey, we must be sure about what we idealize as well as on the yesterday and the places we can not go back to our own survival. There are places where we never go back. Never.

Do not go back to the same errors, the known waywardness, but relearn with each fall, overcoming their own shortcomings and healthily dealing with the limitations we all have. Yesterday should stay back there, anchoring our continuous learning in order to redirecionarmos our energies toward arrangements that will make us more human and happier.

Do not go back to the home that has discarded the lap which does not receive, the empty lonely a sore company. We must have the courage to put an end to all that weakened us and diminishes us, hindering us the tranquility of a free breathing. Our path should be transparent and light, without unnecessary weights that clutters our go ahead.

Do not go back to the broken promises, the failed relationship, which added nothing in his life, the incessant join hands to empty the unilateral sharing, giving himself no return. All deserve throw us to meet someone true and is full of reciprocity as they share the life dreams. We all have a chance to find a person who does not return less than we give, that does not make us feel the coldness of accompanied solitude.

Do not go back to the hypocritical friends, people that are based on vested interests to remain at his side. Friendship should be sum, laughter, shining eyes and the heart rhythm. If you do not make us the slightest fault, if not look for us for no reason, no relationship can be considered true. You need to rely on someone to come to our side, even after knowing our darkened, it is this sincerity that will sustain our spirits in the cold nights of the soul.

Do not go back to the inhuman job, which flattens the senses, does not recognize its value, just criticizing and always asking more and more, without giving anything in return. Look for an occupation where minutes may not seem an eternity, where get recognition, which can act as main character of life itself. Do not give up what you are, what you believe, or no one will recognize the greatness that has inside.

Yes, there is no way to predict the future, nor control it. We must take care of our here and now with all the care that today deserves to daily prepare gradually less arduous path, a tomorrow that will give continuity to our efforts to be happy. Act reflectively, finally, save in the cross tortuous paths and solitary, under lamentations and regrets.

The Importance of Living the Present!

"There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”
Dalai Lama ' 

We live in a society where time passes very quickly, we spent hours a day in traffic, hours at work, hours organizing ourselves for what we do, hours in gyms, training, schools, colleges, courses, supermarkets, banks, endless queues. This same company is charging us to be successful in all fields of our life, we are always busy, always sociable, always beautiful and well groomed. The same society that rate, who decides slow, crazy or lazy. A society that is creating full citizens of psychological disorders such as anxiety.

If you think about it, we are never head on now, the moment we are living, we are always with the mind at the next meeting, or what we do on the weekend, or the end of year trip, but we never we are pleased to think in the second we are and if we qualify well with what is happening at that moment. And if we are not concerned, or planning something that will still happen, we are repenting of something we think we have done wrong, not really reflect on what happened. Enough to be a torture to live like this, always in the past or in the future, never in the present. And in the connected world we live in, often a simple exercise to concentrate on a movie, it becomes no longer a way to watch only what, with notifications on mobile flashing all the time, we do not stop ever. We are always connected to something but never in something we are doing.

We live to survive in the wild, fight for our wages every month, struggled to finish the month with the bills paid and the full table, life is really hard for everyone, but I'm thinking, and if things do not improve? We will spend the rest of our lives surviving and casting a mold that want caibamos? We will not even take no time? We will only survive? Let's just live with your head in the sheet accounts and dreams we can never reach? Just think of all this, the air goes missing me, these disorders is that I was talking about before.

The answer to all this is simple, the choice of how to live is ours and ours alone. I came to the conclusion that I should live in the present moment, you see, my mind is much better now, stronger, this truth, most realistic, living pleasures that did not exist for me. It is a daily exercise, and you should be thinking, who do not need it, or do not need reflection or self-help, but think about it, you live every moment of your life, or is always to head elsewhere?

Being aware of the things you do every day is a privilege, truly have a coffee, feeling the aroma, the taste, seeing his color, feel that peace in your heart to be having a moment of true happiness is something that few people have, and that yes, my friend, is to be happy. This awareness is achieved with great effort and one step at a time. Try to remember the last time you focused on reading a book, without talking to anyone, without looking at the phone, simply engage in a story. Start with simple exercises like this. And your life will take a new color, a new type of amplitude.

You will make decisions with more clarity and objectivity, your air will not be lacking in your lungs when you think about the future because you are having more pleasure and happiness than before, and your life will become simpler since all you need is here and now. Each day will be unique in your life, and every day will be a win more in your book of victories and success will come, will come that you decided to live, and whoever lives achieve success faster. Self esteem will settle in your mind like an old friend is established on his couch, and objectives will be much more clear and confident in their horizon.

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