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The Importance of Living the Present!

The Importance of Living the Present!

" Do not go back to the same mistakes, the broken home, to waywardness, the broken promises, the failed relationship, the hypocrites friends the inhuman job. Do not give up what you are, what you believe, or no one will recognize the greatness that has inside. "

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The future can be planned, desired, full of goals to be achieved and yet will always be uncertain, improbable, impossible to predict with accuracy. However, desire and strive for a better tomorrow and happier is good for us, feeding our forces always want to continue, inexhaustibly, no matter what. In this journey, we must be sure about what we idealize as well as on the yesterday and the places we can not go back to our own survival. There are places where we never go back. Never.

Do not go back to the same errors, the known waywardness, but relearn with each fall, overcoming their own shortcomings and healthily dealing with the limitations we all have. Yesterday should stay back there, anchoring our continuous learning in order to redirecionarmos our energies toward arrangements that will make us more human and happier.

Do not go back to the home that has discarded the lap which does not receive, the empty lonely a sore company. We must have the courage to put an end to all that weakened us and diminishes us, hindering us the tranquility of a free breathing. Our path should be transparent and light, without unnecessary weights that clutters our go ahead.

Do not go back to the broken promises, the failed relationship, which added nothing in his life, the incessant join hands to empty the unilateral sharing, giving himsel