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The importance of music in our lives.

The importance of music in our lives.

A song can tell a lot about you . You can change your mind, activate memories or mark important moments . What few people know is that listening to music is not only a hobby , and the effects of it in our senses and emotions can be explained scientifically. To focus on the job or any job can be a little tricky and listening to music can help in concentration. Neuroscience and psychology analyze the brain 's behavior when we listen to certain styles of music , and thus suggest that we should listen when we want to achieve some goal . So we need to know the effects that music causes in our brains .

1. Listening to music is one of the few activities that stimulates and practically use the whole brain . 

2. chills you get to feel when listening to a song are caused by the release of dopamine in the brain , anticipating the climax of a song. 

3. Studying music regularly physically change your brain structure. 

4. Listening to music during exercise can improve the performance of its activity , both to improve his spirit as to change the rhythm of your physical activity. 

5. Your favorite songs are defined by an emotional attachment . Even if you go to listen to different music because of releases , their preferences are linked to an emotional memory.

6. Know when you're singing that annoying music ALL DAY and she just does not come out of your head? The name of this is " cognitive itch " . And recently discovered that chewing gum helps you to stop singing it mentally. 

7. Listen excited or sad music can affect the way you perceive the world around them.

8. Mozart Effect: the American neurobiologist Gordon Shaw proved in 1989 that listening to certain music of Mozart active neurons and improves intelligence. Since then , students and researchers around the world began to hear the work of the Austrian composer to optimize the studies and work .

The importance of music in our lives.

Since ancient times music is part of the life of humanity, whether in celebrations, parties, pain or joy, there is always in our mind a soundtrack to decorate these private moments. As old as man, the early music was used to externalization of joy, pleasure, love, pain, religiousness and the longings of the soul. Darwin even came to declare that human speech not run up the music, but it was derived.

Today, music is used, among other things, to alphabetize children integrate underprivileged youth and even cure (music therapy is being widely used). You can, for example, improve the aggressive behavior of a child, putting soft music when she goes to sleep. Try placing agitated music, lie down, and try to rest. You certainly can not, will be so busy as to the music.

It is impossible not to like music. We have as an example the music for babies: it calms, relaxes, finally, the baby sleeps much better your nap. an experience with dairy cows was made, with music they produced far more milk than without music. In psychiatric hospitals put music to the patient listening and streamline their discharge. That would Kindergartens, if there were those songs so funny and enjoyed singing?

Music changes our mood. The body reacts to the vibrations of sounds, they are aroused emotions that interfere with the functioning of our body. There are theories that show the cells and organs reactions through these emotions are triggered.

Some studies claim that studying listening to music facilitates learning because music encourages many parts of the brain, which no music would be inactive, in a way. The ideal is to put them (songs) in an almost imperceptible volume. The sound will come into your brain as a part of you and your learning will flow better.

Everything in my life has a musical background. The life, the memories , the moments of a person , would be meaningless without the music . I , for example, drown my sorrows listening to music. It gladdens the soul , soothes the spirit , calm down, relax , and even serves as a daily fuel, as it gives us strength and hope to believe in better days.

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