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The Importance of Share - Honey in Bebee!

The Importance of Share - Honey in Bebee!

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, instagran, and more, much is said about these social networks, aimed at the amount of registered profiles and the most popular are considered. They attract the attention of people of various profiles and interests, companies from different fields of activity and allow access to more diverse content. In these networks, people are connected by emotional ties, especially kinship and friendship.

When it comes to relationship and interaction, these networks are efficient. But when it comes to anything related to the professional market or a specific topic, The Bebee (professional network by affinity) shown much more effective to have well-defined objectives and provide the relationship between people with convergent interests and skills, opening avenues for the emergence of new opportunities.

You might think, then just share to captivate?

I would say no!

It takes a lot more than that, share whenever you can, all the information multiplied, generate more information and when you work in Bebee does not work alone, will always have someone to produce a part of your product or service, crowding more and more, Similar branches professionals to exchange information and often build bonds of friendship, I believe that this is the central idea of ​​the creators of this network Javier Cámara Rica, Juan Imaz and Eduardo Díez-Hochleitner. Never imagine meeting people from all continents in such a pleasant and plausible manner, with share issues affinity and often have a view of the same subject from someone with a different culture, shaper me wake up and look from different angles the same subject , thus bringing great professional growth.

The Importance of Share - Honey in Bebee!

In general, deals with specific issues, the contents are discussed in greater depth, and are fully focused and specialized. So they can engage users by having the same consumption habits and interests, for example, football lovers, music, wine, games, travel, cooking and / or professionals (doctors, dentists, etc.). Here discussions are more relevant, less superficial and can often become environments for generating ideas, a real laboratory to encourage co-creation, by allowing receiving inputs for the improvement or creation of products and new services.

" Shared knowledge grows. The unshared obsolesce! "

Pierre Levy.

This expert philosopher in cyberculture, defines collective intelligence as "the sharing of cognitive functions such as memory, perception and learning." However, knowledge is not limited to cognitive knowledge. Nonaka and Takeuchi, knowledge management experts from Hitotsubashi University, divide knowledge into two categories:

  • Explicit knowledge: generally regarded as objective, which involves the theoretical knowledge and is easily communicated through words, numbers, formulas or graphics.

  •  Tacit knowledge: personal and difficult to express in words. In essence, it is practical and is usually the result of a long experience of living together. Its transmission is extremely complex, because it requires prolonged interactions, successes and mistakes.

The know-how is a kind of knowledge that includes the theory with practice. A cook, for example, follows the recipe (explicit knowledge), but uses his experience (tacit knowledge) to determine changes in the original recipe.

For the collective knowledge flourish we need to follow some principles.

We must first recognize that every human being has some knowledge, and no human being has all knowledge about everything.

People who intend to work collaboratively should be concerned to pass on not only the explicit knowledge and tacit and can do so through images, metaphors or causing experimentation. It is important to respect the tacit knowledge of the other, even if he can not play.

In collaborative work, knowledge is necessarily heterogeneous.

Teach what we know can seem tedious. However, share knowledge itself can be an opportunity to revisit and question content to look for sameness with new eyes, and see how others perceive on the topics that dominate.

Knowing the perception of others will help us communicate, negotiate and convince, core competencies in our era.

On the other hand, the old paradigm ignore something may seem demeaning. You who does not know should realize that his ignorance is a source of learning for both, and obviously no one can know everything about everything.

Once knowledge has become dynamic and continuously changing, sharing means that we are always learning, unlearning and relearning. Knowing when not shared, it becomes stagnant and loses its usefulness.

Finally, we must understand that no shared knowledge is no longer a source of power.

What we know is as good as our ability to learn, that is, our ability to meet, share and learn.

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Shared to Twitter!

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@Franci Eugenia Hoffman
very well articulated, sharing information is essential for the spread of it, taking advantage of, was thinking of doing a brainstorming, in order to improve the visualization of Bebee on facebook, with the help of all, could explode views here.

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Sharing information is allowing it to continue. Each bit of information that is not shared has a chance of being lost, and perhaps not recoverable. Contribution, distribution and joint resourcing define sharing. The world is so much better off with sharing of tangibles and intangibles. beBee is a perfect example of sharing of ideas. It's awesome we can learn from each other. Thank you, @David Grinberg for tagging me. 😉

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@Donna-Luisa Eversley for me, it is very gratifying to realize that I am recognized for bringing something to the Bebee, I agree with you as soon as we have more information than wikipédia own, when it comes to currency and human yearnings, I already surpassed, now missing only have more views the facebook, but I can see this achievement in a not so distant future.

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 30/9/2016 · #9

Great post @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira..indeed beBee does facilitate sharing in a more relevant. There is cross pollination which highlights the magnitude of a structured reach. As beBee continues to grow our hives will become like think tanks of rich valuable information in one location... A Wikipedia of social media 😊..thanks for tagging me.. Got a tag from David @David Grinberg also... Love the communication!

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@Deb Helfrich you put up the reason for Bebee be much more relevant than this conglomeration of networks present, the philosophy of equality and transparency will bring Bebee to an unbelievable level, I see Bebee in the future as the best way to hire people, regardless of the area worked, here we look at the other side of the world, someone to aggregate and develop affinities in professional and personal areas, after all I am talking to a person on the other side of the world and recognizing that we agree on many points of view than imagined, I only have to thank.

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