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The Magic Of Momentum: What Goes Up Slowly Comes Down Fast!

The Magic Of Momentum: What Goes Up Slowly Comes Down Fast!

Most things in life that are worth it are difficult to achieve. For example, it’s tough to build a successful business, form new habits, quit smoking, etc.

Here are some scary statistics to back that up:

  • 90% of all startups fail.
  • 96% of all small businesses fail within 10 years.
  • 94% of smokers who want to quit fail.
  • 92% of people quit their new year’s resolutions.

Yes, you will fail. There’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about WHY most of us fail. We quit before we achieve momentum.

You see, whenever you start something new, it’s difficult to follow through. We often quit too early when we experience setbacks.

A lot has been said about conquering obstacles, not giving up, and expecting the worst — but when push comes to shove, we quit anyway.

Motivational quotes won’t help you during tough times. And instead of relying on blind faith or fluffy promises, start to take a look at the statistics more in-depth.

One of my friends wants to start a business. Recently we were talking about the failure rates. I was like: “Did you know 96% of all business fail within 10 years?”

I could see his face turning white with fear. He said:

“That’s pretty scary stuff. That makes you really rethink your approach.”

And he’s right. Starting a business, getting your dream job, losing weight, finding a spouse, or anything else that’s worth it is NOT easy. But at the same time, numbers can also be so scary that we never start.

Intention Beats Everything

Let’s take a closer look at failure rates. According to the Small Business Administration,