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Most of us do not think much about coffee runs. We know that it makes us feel better. But although the coffee certainly have a huge impact on your brain, there is much more than that. In fact, a cup of coffee causes effects that spread throughout his body.

Here is a summary of what happens in your body 10 minutes to 6 hours after drinking coffee.

10 minutes

10 minutes after her first sip Caffeine begins to enter the bloodstream. This causes an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and energy. Interestingly, researchers at the University of Barcelona found that this effect is seen in men.

20 minutes

After 20 minutes, the caffeine begins to affect their adenosine levels. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that tells the body it's time to sleep. Caffeine - which is structurally very similar to adenosine - binds to adenosine receptors in the brain and disables.

This allows your brain stimulants, dopamine and glutamate, do their job, and that's why you start to feel optimistic after 20 minutes.

30 minutes


At this point, your body starts to produce more adrenaline in response to caffeine. Adrenaline further increases its energy production. Also dilates the airways and improves blood flow to the muscles. So your physical performance gets a major boost after 30 minutes.

40 minutes

40 minutes after your first sip, you should start to notice that your mood is reinforced. This is because caffeine is beginning to increase the sensitivity of your brain serotonin - a neurotransmitter responsible for mood regulation.

60 minutes

According to Dr. Owen Bain, an hour after drinking coffee you should notice a significant reduction in anxiety levels. Consequently, their feelings of contentment should increase. This is because caffeine further enhances their dopamine levels.

3 hours


At this point, the effect of caffeine in his energy starts to decrease. You may start to notice a change. According to Dr. Baine, "this is because the caffeine in coffee does not make you more energetic, it just makes you less able to feel that you are tired."

Unless you are well rested, the after three hours your body will say "Wow, I'm really tired."

6 hours

At this point, your brain, largely have forgotten the coffee. But your body does not. After 6 hours, caffeine starts functioning as a diuretic. Diuretics encourage the formation of urine in the kidneys, helping your body get rid of toxins.

Replace the water that your body is expelling. This will prevent you from getting dehydrated.

And there it is! That's what coffee does to your body. You already knew of their operation, or was it a surprise?

Anandhi Krishnan 2/10/2016 · #10

I don't think anyone has researched coffee as a drink in this manner. Coffee is an integral part of us south Indians, it's our wake up call, I didn't know it could lull us to sleep as well. So very well elaborated. Thanks for this cuppa.

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Sushmita Jain 1/10/2016 · #9

#8 Flavio I must say, I love coffee & I agree with you when slow or tired it provides the necessary surge. Hope you have a good Saturday too!

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@Sushmita Thakare Jain thank you, it helps me a lot when I'm feeling slow, have to see me taking a test after taking a cup. kk have a nice saturday. :)

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@Paul Walters everything depends on how we see, I said here about the benefits that a good coffee can bring you, if we come to the point, also consider we stop eating meat the way it is consumed and produced.

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Sushmita Jain 1/10/2016 · #5

@Flávio Rodrigues Vieira thanks for sharing, wasn't aware of the mode of action of coffee.

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Paul Walters 1/10/2016 · #3

@Flávio Rodrigues Vieira Coffee, it used to be a hot beverage taken maybe twice a day now its a bloody status symbol!

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@David Grinberg my favorite is the American coffee, with a dose of water, coffee made here is very strong, so every time I have put a little hot water, it makes a very strong effect on my body and mind, so that take it after 17 hours will be signing a contract with insomnia. kkkk thanks to you my dear.