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Today, I want to talk about Freedom as it is 4th of July, but before you scream the Team America's song "Freedom fuck yeah"! Let me boil down for you my definition of Freedom:

Freedom is the red woman in the Matrix, it is pretty, but it does not exist.


Sure, we have freedom to put our stamps out of "the place stamp here box" but hey you still need to buy the stamps! 

Sure, you can travel wherever you want in the world but hey you can not forget your passport. Sure, you can take a president out of the power (impeachment in Brazil is happening as I type here) but hey you can not replace a president with a friend or a person you know well and trust, regardless of in each election, thousands of persons could potentially stand for election, political parties act as gate-keepers "narrowing down" the list of candidates to a "rigged small pool of friends of the system".

So, freedom is pretty, therefore has a lot of kids: "freewill", "freedom of choices" "Freedom Doesn't Come Free Jr" and so on.

You might say, what I am describing is not Freedom because the actual definition says: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants and the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

So, you might say hey you are acting, speaking and thinking (actually, questioning) freedom so you migh