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Foods for a Healthy Beard

Foods for a Healthy Beard

You’re proud of your beard – and why not? You brush it, you clean it with the special beard shampoo, you oil it – heck, you take as good care of yore beard as you did of your first pet.

But did you know that, just like Mr Scruffles (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone) your beard also needs its own special diet?

Well, no that’s not strictly true – your beard will eat whatever you eat. But there are some foods with macro and micronutrients that can be beneficial to a beard.

So if you want to make the most of your beard grooming skills and eat your way to a healthy, shiny beard, then consider chowing down on:


One thing beards definitely need is protein. Your body uses this macronutrient to essentially renew itself – that’s why we neck down protein shakes after vigorous exercise. In the same way, your body uses protein to create hair – and eggs as I’m sure you’re aware, are chock full of the stuff. Protein that is, not hair.

As an added bonus, a little-known vitamin called biotin is also essential to your body’s ability to generate new hair cells in your follicles. Would you like to guess which foodstuff is one of the richest sources of biotin on the planet?


No, only kidding – it’s eggs.

Brazil Nuts

Do you know what else is a key ingredient in beard production? The male growth hormone testosterone. That’s why your 13-year-old cousin can only grow a wispy little moustache – his barely teenaged body still has low testosterone levels.

If you want to boast your own beard-growing game, then snack on a couple of Brazil nuts a day. They are loaded with a mineral called selnium, which your body needs to produce… testosterone.


Yeah, now