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Making It Up As You Go Along

Making It Up As You Go Along

You know what I love to do to perk me up when I need it? Thousands of seemingly pointless but secretly brilliant things.

I love to listen to The White Album. I love to eat a spinach and ricotta cheese lasagne. I love to watch the last episode of Friends. I love to watch the first episode of Friends. I love to do a pencil drawing of my cat, Biggles. I love to dance in the kitchen to the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing. I love to have a bubble bath while listening to The Adam Buxton Podcast. I love to kick up leaves in the park. I love to meet up with my besties for two rounds of ten-pin bowling. And I love to make myself up.

For me, and maybe for you, makeup isn’t about impressing anyone. I don’t do smokey eye to seduce, I don’t contour to garner gazes. I just like experimenting with my looks. I enjoy crafts and being creative. I like exploring my face and changing up my appearance. I like being pretty. I like being sexy. I like being charismatic. I like being different – sometimes from day to day, sometimes, from one minute to the next.

So whether like me right now you’re about to tart yourself up in a favourite plus size dress, or you’re about put on a pair of slippers and crank up (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life to eleven, here are my makeup basics – the three things I’m always aware of when it comes to making it up as I go along.

1. Brush up well

My brushes are my most essential tools. If you’re a graphic designer, you know how important your lap top is. If you’re a chef, you love your knives. Well, I’m not a makeup artist by profession, but if I’m putting blush, powder or liner on my face, it’s not going on with a trowel. The type and quality of my brushes are absolutely essential to my final look, so I use cosmetic-specific brushes and keep them in excellent condition. I wash them at least once a month with non-conditioning shampoo (rinsing until the water runs clear), and am quick to replace them as soon as I start noticing any wear and tear.

2. Tomorrow is another day

I never, and I never literally never make myself up two days running. I have plenty of girlfriends who love to rock (and I mean rock) the same look every single day of the year, but that’s not me. I want to always do something different, something new. And even if I feel I want to perfect a certain style or colour palette, I won’t let myself go back to it straight away. It’s a rule that not everyone will like, but it means I’m able to be much more creative and spontaneous, better able to adjust my makeup to whatever it is I’m wearing or effect I’m trying to achieve. So if it’s a heavy liner and dark lip one day, it’s likely a natural, neutral face the next. Getting out of my comfort zone means more effort required, but I find I have more fun that way, so it’s worth it!

3. Tutor treats

There’s always something else to learn, so pretty much every day I will at some point watch a 5-minute tutorial. It may be about colour and tone blends, it may be about equipment and brands, it may be about eyelids or lips, but I will just about always come away with an extra nugget of knowledge.

Now, time to get made up!

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