Footpath of Life need help to find so many suicide prevention organizations as possible

With Footpath of Life I make a offer for planting a tree for your loved one, who passed away. I will install a path around the world, lined by the trees of memory. Trees you and I will plant for your loved one, who passed away. But based on my own story I want to support suicide prevention too, however I can do this.

One aspect will be, to collect links and descriptions to suicide preventions organisations from all over the world and a put a link and a short description on my website. Helping people to find the group or organization which fits to them is one sort of help until I am able to give other ways of support. Therefore I am looking for links and therefore I am looking for cooperations and people who wants to put my offer with on their website.

Why planting a tree, you may ask? Well, it has sort of a multilevel meaning:

  • Memory to the person, love, family connection you lost,
  • a sign for the one who planted it: here I am, I am strong and I just want to tell you: suicide was and is affecting me – don´t forget the ones who were left behind
  • It´s a sign for the love, which was growing once. Now it can grow again and becoming more beautiful from year to year. And look, there are billions of trees out there and not one is similar to the other one. Same with love – don´t you think so? It´s the perfect match and symbol.
  • I say yes to the life - look how beautiful it can be
  • and last one something I can´t describe but it will be a very special and sort of magic connection if the circle will be closed and all of those trees are getting connected ( I know that this sounds somehow strange )
  • A circle around the world stands for circle of life and not endless life ( I know it will be not a circle, let´s say a very individual one.
  • Circles in form of rings are our signs for love, weddings and much more….
    Footpath of Life need help to find so many suicide prevention organizations as possible
    .... so Footpath of Life will be an offer, which is taken by now from people in Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Serbia, Italy and USA. The people who wants to plant a tree are the one who will decide where Footpath of Life will go along.

I will help you

My experience of the last weeks showed me, that when people heard from it, many are very moved and touched and I received many mails - very o