Footpath of Life - www.footpath-of-life.com - a path around the world, lined with the trees of memory. Trees that people will plant with me, who lost a partner or a family member through suicide, disease or accident. Over the past nine weeks, more than 2,600 people have joined the project in the social networks. 20 trees have been ordered worldwide. First published articles in newspaper are very positive. The reader’s reactions forms a broad spectrum of support, including descriptions of their own dramatic suicide experiences.

Everything will be possible
With estimated 75000 km, through more than 60 countries, I will walk between 10 and 15 years. The goal of the project is to draw attention to the increasing suicide rates all over the world and to generate funds to actively support suicide prevention. In addition, Footpath of Life wants to show that even the unimaginable is possible, no matter how hopeless your own current situation appears.

I need partners
In order to build Footpath of Life on a basis that allows the project to be carried out after two to three years, I need project resources, material and thus this action can be presented in a multimedia way, specific technical know-how. Therefore, I am looking for the right partners with communication scills, partners from the social networks, technic companies and outdoor companies and everybody who thinks: this is worth to be supported.

Connecting people from all over the world
My project will be documented daily and weekly with pictures, documentary films and live-online times. The exchange and communication with the users is an important basis for the success and therefore I need the best technic and equipment I can trust on. Financial support will be also very helpful. I still have 17 months to start. Time I want to invest well to make something special out of Footpath. Time I need, to put the project on a good footing. Time I need to work with partners to find creative ways and to find the right equipment.

Take the possibility
That is why I would like to offer the opportunity to represent your company & product(s) to a constantly growing and international audience from the start. My long-term experience as a journalist, TV producer and in the areas of social media strategies, crossmedia marketing and search engine optimization is helpful. And last but not least, the fact that Footpath of Life is a heart and life project, which I will do and push with every form of personal 100% commitment; Emerged as a consequence of the suicide of my life partner.

In my profile you will find information about the project, the various sponsoring possibilities in english and german language, my curriculum vitae, also in both languages. Can you imagine a collaboration, for example with your product ….?
If yes, I am looking forward to your feedback.

with best regards
Mario Dieringer

Paul Burge 19/10/2016 · #2

Lovely idea Mario. The very best of luck with your endeavour.

debasish majumder 19/10/2016 · #1

Great insight! praiseworthy effort indeed! guess, you will definitely garner required assistance and support for this noble cause @Footpath of Life.