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Hive Talk 7- Featuring Hive: Nothing But Blues 🎷 🎺 🎸

Hive Talk 7- Featuring Hive: Nothing But Blues 🎷 🎺 🎸

Nothing But Blues

Perhaps we should Muse

Animals & Pets, yes we care

About their welfare

Ah, Ladybugs & Biology

And our beloved Dr. Ali Anani

Science and Research, and

Recruitment for me and you

Usability too!

Leadership, yes

Keeps us at our best

Our Dr. Aranda, stirring the pot

Stirring Authors Along

To keep them strong

Here’s to beBee’s success

With Marketing at its best

-Franci Eugenia Hoffman



Animal Welfare

Official Animal Welfare hive on beBee. A place to share ideas, thoughts, and happy tails as well as network with others in the industry. We do this for the love of animals everywhere who are being abused, neglected, and mistreated


beBee The Art of Leadership

Leadership, it is not only a role of leading people to achieve benefits , it is an art like painting, has a vision , a mission to fulfill . it is like painting


Scientists and Research

Official Science & Research hive on beBee. Connect with people in your field and exchange information, knowledge and professional opportunities


Scientific Work

This is the hive for all the professionals who are related to, or interested in, science in any manner. Here, you can share all the content about your work or the work of others related to science, scientific experiments, achievements, engineering processes, and all other such information


 Lady Bugs & Biology


Sales Representative - Recruitment

Dr. Margaret Aranda: Stirring Authors Along

Nothing But Blues

Deriving from American culture, the blues is one of the most simple forms of music, in terms of structure, but one of the most difficult to excel at, because artists can't rely on fancy tricks to play the blues. It's played with the heart.

Whether you are already a blues music afficienado, or just wanting to learn more, whether you speak English, or another language, we'll help you learn a bit more about blues music. Feel free to upload blues related content too, and share

"You should write a book." Well, here we gather to promote and show Beez & NewBeez how! Don't share outside of beBee, to keep beBee authors making more honey... and Go Ahead and put your book covers up

Muse: Ideas for Future Posts

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with an inspiration or idea for a post to put up on beBee. Most authors keep a list of ideas and inspirations. This Hive (should it work as intended) is designed to let you posts thoughts that start with "I'd like to see a post on..." Hopefully, some of them will resonate with the beBee producers and by doing so, we can continue to produce great content for beBee. This is experimental, and we will see how it goes

Dr. Ali Anani, PhD

Dedicated to the wonders and magic that Dr. Ali Anani has brought to all of us!


Official Marketing hive on beBee. Connect with people in your field and exchange information, knowledge and professional opportunities


Franci Eugenia Hoffman

To be a beBee bee is to be!

Hive Talk 7- Featuring Hive: Nothing But Blues 🎷 🎺 🎸

Ideas Metamorphosis

Respectfully Yours

Hive Talk

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Joel Anderson 3/7/2016 · #14

Nicely done.

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Sara Jacobovici 3/7/2016 · #13

Great poetry and great work @Franci Eugenia Hoffman. I value this Buzz and always look forward to it. A big THANK YOU.

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Anees Zaidi 3/7/2016 · #12

This is wonderful @Franci Eugenia Hoffman. So many shades on one plate. Excellent composition.

+1 +1

#9 Thank you for your kind words @Ali Anani.