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Hive🐝Talk - Featuring CityVP Manjit - November 12, 2019

Hive🐝Talk - Featuring CityVP Manjit - November 12, 2019

CityVP Manjit

Bank of Montreal MCCC Toastmasters
Club Mentor
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


BeBee is now the hub of my exploration.. It forms a part of my personal learning pathway both online and offline as I envisage shaping 30 yrs of my life after 2020.

This platform is used solely for my own personal development & learning..         


Featuring CityVP Manjit, and I can't express his uniqueness any better than his post 

The Renaissance Man The Renaissance Man. See for yourself!

As "The Renaissance Man", clearly I am not angling towards the specialist.  Personal branding is not by any measure my top peeve, that would be "professionalism".  Ironically the most effective way to distance oneself from professionalism is to take a nosedive in one's own career, and that would be complete career suicide.  - CityVP Manjit

Two Teams Soul Searching
Choosing to film Tottenham is so far in danger of filming things going wrong for a club rather than things going right.

The Collaborative Plaform for Professionals
The dog-eat-dog world that represents the core of the modern professional world is not going away anytime soon, so there is no panacea or magic bullet that will solve that, other than the human beings call themselves as this type of "professional" will eventually and simply die out and be replaced by people who carry 21st Century professional values - however they transpire or transform because the 21st Century is only 17 years old i.e. it has not even come of age yet.

Retirement 2051
We still don't think about life as being anything beyond 80 to 100 and that is simply because our thinking about life path is based on short-term thinking and not adaptation.

Magnet for Magnificent Minds
My dearest appreciation to all people who work at beBee and make tomorrow possible and possible even greater. For sure Javier likes the term "impossible possible" but I am cool with the words talented human beings. Life is not a slogan or a marketing strategy it is a being.

Extraordinary Sense
This for me is the difference between self-reflection and narcissism - self reflection is discovery of the new which is a personal freedom, but narcissism is revolving in the old of enslaving others, which is a public control.


A Withdrawal from Withdrawing
I have paradoxical qualities of an introvert and an extrovert and this is a blessing because I can enjoy both sides of living this personality range

The Day the Internet Lost its Imagination
Clueless, wandering, easily conditioned, unthinking, over-consuming under-living digitally connected consumers. Consumers is a good way of describing people who are consumed - and the history of consumption is a whole lot of information which is way too much for the consuming.

Hives of Manjit
The Orange Bee was my first personal hive and that is something I had to create because the Orange or Naranja hive was being dominated by information about beBee. I use Naranja because it is Spanish for "Orange".

Any Colour But Dull
Boredom is a serious challenge for all of us and it is sameness which switches us off. Even without boredom, societal attitudes to avoiding challenge are stronger impulses than a dedicated investment and self-knowledge that one is building something special over time, as well as making immediate event experiences more engaging.

When I look at branding, selling, social media and marketing etc it is through the orange lens. Ironically BeBee's colour happens to orange so I will paraphrase the scene in Good Will Hunting "How do you like them Oranges"

Dilute and Emerge
So I focus on my learning and if others want to focus on their learning, that is there prerogative and personal maturation decision. There is a great humility in not trying to change people or make of others our personal pet project - and that humility is the dilution of the paint. The paint is not the painter, it is the learning and as a painter paints he learns - and most of all the painter learns to see - and this may be accomplished by stopping painting and simply standing back in the resulting silence to simply observe.

Franci Eugenia Hoffman 

beBee Brand Ambassador

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A gander at me –
I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for me to follow my dreams by doing things I enjoy…spending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling, writing poetry and encouraging others to pursue their goals.
My writing and creative endeavors can be found at my blogs, BrewNSpew (Coffee-break Scuttlebutt) and PoetryPalette (Poetry, a seasonal state of mind), where I have gathered a following of kindred souls who share my passion for writing. I have authored Seasoned Delights, A Haiku Collection and Mama, me and Mother Nature, as well as a published author on Spillwords, Spooky Festivities, a Halloween poem Amazon Author Page link –
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Lada 🏡 Prkic Nov 15, 2019 · #21

#16 Franci, I would rather say 'equity' than 'asset', as @Charlene Norman said in her excellent article.
I, as a human being, refuse to be anybody's intangible asset. :-)

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#10 @🐝 Fatima G. Williams, I am thrilled you enjoyed my post. One can't go wrong when featuring such worthy talent.

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#8 Thank you @CityVP Manjit. Isn't it interesting to read posts you wrote a while back? I browse through the archives in my blogs and I am surprised at some things I wrote.

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#14 Thank you @Lada 🏡 Prkic. beBee definitely has talent running through its veins. IMO, that is an asset.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic Nov 14, 2019 · #14

Franci, I see your Hive Talk series as an equivalent to bloggers' Hall of Fame. :) Every "member" is unique in their writing style and way of thinking. That applies to @CityVP Manjit as well and the way he articulates his thoughts. Although sometimes hard to read. :)

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