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My husband's love is pictured above. Sally Sue is her name. She's not real tame and looking for fame. Little did I know she puts on quite the show. She's always the star and she's only a car. I can't be jealous but I can be zealous! What is meant to be will surely be. I can only hope that I can cope.

“Men are a luxury, not a necessity.”

I can't say I agree with Cher but I couldn't resist having some fun with her quote.

Men, men, men

Where do I begin

Sports and cars

Maybe a trip to Mars

Pizza and beer

and lots of cheer

Sometimes we smile

Sometimes we pout

Sometimes we coo

Sometimes we spout

But for me, there is no doubt

Can’t live with them

Can’t live without

-Franci Eugenia Hoffman


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#29 I'm glad you enjoyed it, Laurent.

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Laurent Boscherini 27/9/2016 · #29

Thank you Franci Eugenia Hoffman for sharing your so cool and funny post. It is also reciprocal ;)

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#7 Deb, I bet you were super cool in your muscle car. I hope you find pics. I'm considering doing a video on the car - selfie not included. 🙃

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#8 Oh, believe me, Brian, he has lots of ideas but holding back on customizing. We want the car to remain as close to its original condition as possible. The car was repainted in the 80s and then put in a museum in Toronto. We bought it in June so it is in primo condition.

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#13 Yeah, and she knows it too. 😉


#15 She's quite an attention getter, Karen Anne. My husband, Paul, and I feel like teenagers while we're cruising.

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#19 Me too, Deb - it's great. This is a great example of meeting people with common interests.

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