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The Rise of the Entrepreneurs

The Rise of the Entrepreneurs

I was always looking for a way to make an extra buck online, but failed in everything I tried, most of them were scams. I wanted to give up, until I saw this ad by Thomas Prendergrast , the CEO of Markethive and previous owner of "Verretek".

I was very interested and become a "Alpha Legacy" previously " Alpha Founder, where you can share in the profits of this new "Social Network for Entrepreneurs" for life. You cam also become an affiliate and earn good money. 

Any Entrepreneurs Dream: FREE to join. :The Age of the Entrepreneur has given birth to the first Entrepreneurial Social Network. LIMITED TIME OFFER: MarketHive is the world's foremost provider of entrepreneurial solutions, all at no cost to its subscribers. Become an Alpha LEGACY  Limited Partner and share in percentage of MarketHive revenues. 

The Rise of the Entrepreneurs

So, here's my shameless plug.....consider the unfair advantage given to members who have access to an arsenal of FREE Inbound Marketing tools and content creation resources within this blogging platform for serious minded marketers who bring value to their customers:


List Management


Google Analytics

Capture pages

Blogging system

Email Broadcaster

Group Builder

Forum Builder

Campaign Builder

Plus more to come because innovation is oxygen for this company

Blog Sharing

Blog swiping

Revenue sharing for life with out ever needing to promote it, advertise it or recruit anyone

Ends the cost of marketing

Co-op advertising for life

Unlimited production of a leads for life

Powerful broadcasting platform for politics, business, religion, etc

I was amazed to see the cost for Inbound Marketing systems offered by other companies. Just think that marketers can gain access to these tools for free by registering for a free MarketHive account.  I believe that this s going to be "HUGE" and the talk of the town, so join now before it is to late.


“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows the resources with a new capacity to create wealth”, “while also, creating some enemies” ………Peter Drucker



The Rise of the Entrepreneurs