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Affinity Networking Is On the Line

Affinity Networking Is On the Line


On a recent installment of "He Said He Said" (Vol 17, by Jim Murray and Phil Friedman) an issue arose about the nature of Affinity Networking. And I was very surprised that so many otherwise committed "Bees" seemed to think that no Hives on beBee should ever filter or exclude any posts, even those posts that are manifestly outside the topical parameters set by the owners and administrators of those Hives when they were created.

The repeatedly expressed opinion was that limiting the posts in any Hive to a given topic or theme would undermine the free spirit of beBee...

Personally, I believe that is pure poppycock. Moreover, I submit that it is necessary for at least some Hives to be topically filtered, or the basic concept of Affinity Networking, as I have understood it since the first time Jim Murray and I interviewed beBee CEO Javier Camara Rica on HSHS on LinkedIn, will be completely and utterly destroyed. And beBee will become like Facebook with more rapidity than a Bullet Train.

However, it seems that the issue is very emotional for many "Bees", and so I have little anticipation that rational argument will be at all effective in the discussion.

Therefore, I propose instead to tell you a short story...

I had a dream last night. In my dream, I woke up in the morning and, while getting my coffee and breakfast ready, I turned on the TV channel I listen to for national and international news. The newscaster started coming through as usual, but after about a minute, the stream suddenly changed to a reality show about kidney stones. Thinking that the cable company might be having some sort of technical difficulties, I switched to a different news channel. But instead of news, it was running old episodes of America's Got Talent.

So I went to the on-screen guide and started flipping channels looking for news, but every time I found a listing for news, that channel was actually broadcasting something else. Like a golf tournament or a game show or home improvement saga.

And I thought, where the hell is the news I'm trying to get?

So, I called the cable company Customer Service Department, which informed me that a decision had been made to freely mix up the content on the various listed channels. Because it was too restrictive and anti-democratic to limit a news channel purely to news. And after all, why shouldn't a reality show about hemorrhoids have an opportunity to be broadcast on the CNN or MSNBC channels? And why do I care, anyway? Who appointed me the Cable Channel Police?

So. I shut off the TV, and sat down to have my breakfast, while reading a book in an effort to calm down. I picked up a copy of a Robert B. Parker Spenser book and opened it.  While taking a long gulp of coffee from my mug.

And promptly spit the coffee out in a violent spray...

For inside the book's cover, which clearly told of a Parker Spenser-series novel, were pages from the Gideon Bible.

Then I woke up -- this time for real, I think -- in a cold sweat, glad that the intellectual chaos to which I appeared in my dream doomed, was not real.

At least, I think it wasn't. But then I haven't yet turned on the TV or opened a book today.  ─ Phil Friedman

Afterword:   For the record, and before you start writing comments accusing me of pissing on the beBee parade,  I understand completely that beBee is a work in progress, and that it takes time to find and work out all the conceptual and system bugs in anything as complex as a social media platform.

However, while I have from early on supported and continue to support Javier Rica, Juan Imaz, and now Matt Sweetwood and John White, and the rest of the beBee crew in their efforts to build beBee, I would not be a true friend to them or to beBee, if I did not speak out about what I consider to be the single most important problem to solve, earlier rather than later, in the platform’s development. ─ PLF

About me, Phil Friedman: With 30 some years background in the marine industry, I've worn numerous hats — as a yacht designer, boat builder, marine operations and business manager, marine industry consultant, marine marketing and communications specialist, yachting magazine writer and editor, yacht surveyor, and marine industry educator. I am also trained and experienced in interest-based negotiation and mediation. In a previous life, I taught logic and philosophy at university.

The (optional-to-read) pitch: As a professional writer, editor, university educator, and speaker, with more than 1,000 print and digital publications, I've recently launched an online program for enhancing your expository writing: learn2engage — With Confidence. My mission is to help writers and would-be writers improve the clarity of their thought, master the logic of discussion, and strengthen their ability to deal with disagreement.

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Phil Friedman 19/6/2018 · #412

Thanks, @Claire L Cardwell, for stirring the pot by sharing this post again. Cheers!

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Phil Friedman 19/6/2018 · #411

#410 Res ipsa loquitur, @John Marrett. Remember, those who are foolish enough to record (and remember) history are bound to be disappointed. Cheers!

John Marrett 19/6/2018 · #410

#390 Re "HIVES will become more powerful. beBee will be amazing. We are working hard on it, and we will enjoy a LOT of improvements during this year ! :-)": has there been any improvement? I know I was told several years ago they the archaic commenting system was going to be fixed. Looks the same to me!

Phil Friedman 11/6/2018 · #409

Thank you, @Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador, for sharing this post. It set a record for the number of comments, so I infer the topic was of serious interest. In fact, it is the first part of an eight-part series that appears on beBee, but has also been gathered into a "collection" on Google+ as #beBeeVersusbeBee --

For anyone new to beBee and interested in the extended discussion. Cheers!

Phil Friedman 24/10/2017 · #408

#405 you are correct, Francisco. Sharing to a hive is a path for an author to reach beyond his or her list of followers. The problem is the hives are supposed to be arranged around topics, for example, cars or business or outdoor living. When a reader joins a hive, they do so in order to receive a particular type of content. And if I join a hive about car racing, I don’t want, as a result, to be inundated with articles about playing poker or collecting leaves.Cheers!

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Phil Friedman 24/10/2017 · #407

#404 Lyon, there ARE general hives to act as catch-all’s. For example, English on beBee. And if there aren’t enough, the answer is to add some... not mix unrelated content into very content specific hives. You have to keep in mind that joining a hive affects what you see in your feed. Like subscribing to a special interest magazine. How wiould you feel if you subscribed to a magazine nominally about art, but found that most of the articles carried were about skiiing and cooking?

Francisco Lopez 24/10/2017 · #406

#402 That's correct.

Francisco Lopez 24/10/2017 · #405

I favor some type of filtering but should be left to the group moderators and owners. In example, some post may sound political some hives but not in others. A post showing the current president dismantling the EPA may be appropriate in Politics, Climate Change, Environment hives, maybe not in others.Another thing is that it is easier to cross post than to write. Many hives will be at the mercy of those who can use their time and effort to write for free. When one uses good sources and post relevant content, you help the hive and the site. The current model, limit that to one's followers. Exposure will never be really absolute. I imagine the million people that used to write in LinkedIn triggering notifications to all members. You would have to receive a million notifications if everyone posted the same day. Of course, their error was to limit one's articles exposure too much. This is why beBee became our craze. You have a better chance to be read here, even it is still a nascent site in the USA. BTW, I run several groups in LinkedIn and several hives here. Also, one is limited to share in three hives, I can do the same in 100 groups in LinkedIn (50 at a time). Writing can produce branding, and, in that sense, beBee can contribute to this by becoming a sort of writers paradise. am still here and promoted the site heavily. Let's see what happens with V 2