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Alaskan Returns

Alaskan Returns

Jupiter, Florida — March 5, 2018. Peter Whiting, the Managing Partner of Seattle Northwest Yachts, LLC, announced today that his firm has purchased the Alaskan brand and that it plans to produce a modernized version of the legendary line of Defever-designed, long-range, trawler-style yachts.

Speaking at Seattle Yachts' U.S. east coast office in Jupiter, Florida, Whiting said the re-activation of the Alaskan brand will start with an Alaskan 66 Mk II that will incorporate a wide-bodied 19'6" beam hull with interior accommodations to meet the tastes and requirements of today's market.

Whiting said that the 66 Mk II is being designed and engineered by prominent naval architect, Stephen Seaton, who is known worldwide for his trademark long-range, trawler-style yachts.

"Stephen Seaton is without a doubt the most appropriate naval architect in the field to carry the modernization of the Alaskan line forward. We've been working with Steve for several years in the development of our Northwest line, and we've grown extremely confident in and comfortable with his keen abilities and insights when it comes to long range, ocean-going yachts."

Whiting also announced that Seattle Yachts of Anacortes and Seattle, Washington, and now Jupiter, Florida, has contracted with long-time marine industry consultant, Phil Friedman, of the Port Royal Group, Fort Lauderdale, to manage the development and construction of the new Alaskan line, as well as to provide general new-build management for the firm.

Friedman, who was, for several years, the president and CEO of Palmer Johnson Yachts, is well-experienced in the construction of luxury yachts and small commercial craft in the 20- to 60-meter range. He is also familiar with yacht building in Taiwan, where he recently finished supervising the construction of a semi-custom 80-footer and where both Seattle Yachts' Northwest and Alaskan lines will be built. According to Friedman,

"Yacht building in Taiwan is fully mature and has available all necessary industrial infrastructure and support services, from advanced composite laminating technology to custom stainless steel fabrication and machining to interior finishing capabilities that rival the best of North American and European craftsmanship." 

Friedman went on to explain that the Alaskan redux embodies the key principles of "value-engineering"  —  an approach that delivers maximum product value per unit cost, not by skimping on materials or technique, but by concentrating effort and investment on those elements of a yacht that are core to its mission. Said Friedman,

"With the new Alaskan line, our primary objective is to deliver a rugged, seaworthy, comfortable, and good looking long-range cruising yacht at a compelling price. The key to being able to do that is to understand which features genuinely matter and which marketing-based bells and whistles add cost without contributing significantly to utility or enjoyment."

In addition to their Northwest and Alaskan new-build lines, Seattle Yachts offers a full range of yacht brokerage services, as well as new yacht sales of Nimbus, Regency, and Legacy motor yachts and Tayana, Elan, Impression, GT5, and Tartan sailing yachts.

Seattle Yachts has offices in the Pacific Northwest, in Seattle and Anacortes, Washington, and in the Southeast in Jupiter, Florida, a short drive from the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

For more information:

Seattle Yachts  —

Tel:  844.692.2487  

Northwest Yachts —

Peter Whiting | Managing Partner

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Alaskan Yachts — call or email

Phil Friedman New-Build Manager

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Or visit us at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, March 22 - 25, 2018

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Congratulations, @Phil Friedman, and much success!

Phil Friedman 13/3/2018 · #19

#18 Thank you, @Randall Burns, for the good wishes. Yes, a new project is always fun. I count myself fortunate to be able to make a living doing things I love to do. Cheers!

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Randall Burns 13/3/2018 · #18

Congratulations! @Phil Friedman Way to go Buddy! Should be a lot of fun! :-)

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 12/3/2018 · #17

#16 Phil, about missing comments, I noticed that when I open comment thread on my home page by repeatedly clicking "View ...more comments", there are no missing comments.
But if I open a post on its page and scroll down the comment section, there is almost always a gap in commenting.

Phil Friedman 10/3/2018 · #16

#15 I will keep you informed, @Lada 🏡 Prkic, although it is becoming more difficult and discouraging as more and more comments are being lost on beBee. In this thread and in many others. So much so that it is becoming difficult to follow conversations. And it seems to be getting worse all the time.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 10/3/2018 · #15

#10 @Phil Friedman. Phil, I can only congratulate you. It is a huge success. I am interested in these topics because in my hometown Split is located one of the largest Croatian shipyards, Brodosplit. In 2015, Croatia was the second largest shipbuilding nation in Europe.
Please, keep us informed about further developments.

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Phil Friedman 10/3/2018 · #12

Thank you, @Milos Djukic, for the kind words and for sharing this post. Cheers, my friend.

Milos Djukic 10/3/2018 · #11

Congrats @Phil Friedman, my friend, aka Mr No-Muzak. Best regards, Milos