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CASE STUDY: Marketing the Micro Personal Theater

CASE STUDY: Marketing the Micro Personal Theater


Preface:  Most case studies in business are performed after the fact, in retrospect. But this case study is being done real-time, and the data and other information, as well as the eventual post-mortem analysis, will be developed as the real-world events of this particular marketing campaign transpire.

Consequently, this piece is a work in progress and will be for some time. Periodically, updates will be made to the text and the date of the latest revision noted in the header.  So feel free to check back regularly as we move forward, and to post your comments, suggestions, and observations as we go. This is your opportunity to have input into how the marketing proceeds and perhaps to gain with me some insight into what works and what doesn't, and why.

April 7, 2017 ―  Initial product notice prepared and posted to various social media, beBee, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+...

UPDATE NO. 1 (Apr 11, 2017)  ...

From the discussion to date, several suggestions were made and a number of points because evident.

1) The product name has evolved to MicroPersonal Theater Stand.

2) This opens a path to creating and marketing a line "micro" accessory products that are ultra small and lightweight for Road Warriors and other traveling consumers who want to focus their digital communications, entertainment, and work around their smartphone, rather than lug a laptop around.

3) The consensus of opinion is that the MicroPersonal line needs to be a direct marketing and fulfillment line of products and that the primary focus should be on digital marketing of the "guerilla" genre.

4) MicroPersonal will be launching a User-Advocate program that will reward those who genuinely like and promote the product.

5) A marketing video for each MicroPersonal item, starting with the Theater Stand, will be added to the arsenal of marketing materials. And specific marketing posts will be developed for each social media platform.

6) A memorable logo needs to be developed.

7) Alternate uses need to be developed and detailed in short videos and print collateral. For example, the MicroPersonal Theater Stand can also be used as a convenient camera stand for making selfie videos and beBee live buzzes.

8) Consideration is being given to providing a free insurance policy on the MicroPersonal Theater Stand to cover full replacement if damaged while a user is dragged off a commercial airliner by security personnel for refusing to give up his or her seat so that it can be given to an airline employee. Your comments on this last idea are solicited.

UPDATE NO. 2 (Apr 13, 2017)  ...

1) Jerry Fletcher has kindly suggested a logo for the MPT:

I personally like it overall, but am thinking that the shift should be made to "MicroPersonal" as the umbrella brand. What do you think?

2) Is there anyone out there who would like to take a crack at editing up a demo/sales video for the MPT? It would be a good opportunity for you to showcase your skills. If so, let me know.

3) As many of you know, the MPT has been criticized by Beezer Don 🐝 Kerr, who has advanced a potentially competing product, the MEGO, which he believe is more "insouciant".  Well, never to let a challenge go unanswered, MicroPersonal comes back with its special MEGO-Buster Edition for those who like some whimsy with their utility. How ya' like dem apples, Don?

Please keep the suggestions and comments coming in... To be continued...

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Gerald Hecht 25/5/2017 · #200

well, I think we have pretty much revealed the reality regarding the existence/validity of the (so called) "personal brand"...there jes' plain ole' ain't no such thing...well it was worth a shot. Hopefully we can all let that ghost go; and have more fun here...of the type exemplified by this post --and its concomitant engagement!

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Phil Friedman 23/5/2017 · #199

#198 Thanks, Bill, for the kind words and the "award". I expect a surge of interest now that the FAA has talked about wanting to elongate the use of even tablets and laptops in flight, in favor of smartphones. Cheers!

+1 +1

Cool idea, I built something similar with Lincoln Logs also. We love all your posts Phil!!! Our top Engineering Bee for today, please accept this Award: 🥇

+3 +3
Phil Friedman 17/4/2017 · #197

#196 Thanks, Wayne, for reading and the suggestions. I agree that the B2B giveaway market would be tempting although the competition is strong, if for not other reason than most buyers don't expect the items to actually work or be very useful, but just want some cheap-as-possible junk with their logo on it to give away. I've always found it interesting that the same firms who spend so much on print collateral of high quality (because that collateral, its appearance and feel, represent the company) will cheap out on giveaways whose rationale is to keep the company's image in from of the recipient later. Cheers!

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Wayne Yoshida 16/4/2017 · #196

Hi all. Thanks for tagging me, @Phil Friedman . Been busy with day job priorities..... I am coming into this experiment a little late, but here are my thoughts.
1) I agree mega travelers would be prime targets. Sitting in a coach class airplane seat ain't what it used to be. Although I do like having the excuse - er - reason of not being able to do any work since I was on a plane....

2) I was thinking this would be more of a give-away at tradeshow thing. I have something similar to this gadget, it is a one piece plastic stand that includes a horn to direct sound to the front.

2A) But, I don't think you want to go into that portion of the business. Although if you have direct access to the manufacturer of the doodad, and if you have access to custom hot-print a customer's logo on there, that might be interesting. Target price for a tradeshow give-away would be in the $2 US range, maybe.

3) on the picture of the anti-MEGO campaign, I suggest changing the cute dog to a snarling pit bull or doberman. Maybe a stronger message, eh?

4) I do like the partnering for members - gives it a uniqueness or discount.

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Gert Scholtz 14/4/2017 · #195

@Phil Friedman On the MPT, I have not read through the whole comment thread and I have a suggestion: Instead of the front lower Lego lip, only have a rubbery little mat on the flat Lego surface. This should still hold the phone in an upright position because of the rubber friction and is adjustable to a higher degree than the Lego lip. Also, if the platform can be raised by say one and a half inches (with perhaps two additional Lego blocks), coupled with only a rubber mat, it would free up the keyboard on the phone for typing messages with both hands. To me this would then work as a video station as well as a little typing /messaging station. I wish you all success in your endeavor!

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Jerry Fletcher 14/4/2017 · #194

I just hope I can find time to keep up with this string. In my experience it is easier to build a prototype and see if they will buy than to have a focus group design anything... something about too many cooks? Thing is, I think Phil can handle it.

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Milos Djukic 14/4/2017 · #193

#192 You're very welcome Michael O'Neil, casual style hair and writing, i guess. Best, Milos

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