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For Immediate Release: Innovative Approach to World Cruising Unveiled

For Immediate Release: Innovative Approach to World Cruising Unveiled


June 23, 2017, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA — Phil Friedman and the Port Royal Group announced today the launch of their Boat-In-a-Box  (™) project. According to Friedman, the company's core mission is to provide boaters with affordable, convenient access to the world’s prime cruising waters, while at the same time encouraging “greener” yachting through the use of smaller, more fuel-efficient “pocket yachts”.

Friedman went on to explain that Boat-In-a-Box (™) yachts are designed and will be built to enable them to be easily and safely loaded into common freight containers, for which carriage can usually be arranged at rates of less than a couple thousand dollars.

“We expect this to revolutionize yacht cruising. Most yachting people are denied the ability to cruise far-flung waters of the world in their own boats because of the time and huge expense involved in simply getting their yachts to those waters. Boat-In-a-Box (™) addresses that problem by providing a safe, cost-effective method for shipping yachts to various exotic locations around the world, where they can be met by their owners and used there, after which they can either be returned home or forwarded to another cruising area.”

Boat-In-a-Box ™ yachts will be personalized and offered in the 32- to 36-foot range. They will accommodate a crew of four to six and for comfortable inland and alongshore cruises of several weeks to a couple months duration. Added Friedman,

“No longer will a boat owner from, say, New York have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to move his yacht to, for instance, Alaskan waters for a summer cruising holiday. With Boat-In-a-Box (™) , we’re talking a couple thousand dollars at most to deliver the boater’s own vessel to the desired cruising grounds ― from just about anywhere in the world, to just about an anywhere else in the world.”

The boats will employ a specially reinforced structure that will enable them to sit at an angle in a purpose-built dolly/cradle, which will be used both to load the boat into a freight container and hold it there safely and securely during transit. The angled loading makes it feasible to accommodate boat widths (beam) up to 9'6" in a common container.

After the boat arrives at its destination (jumping-off) port and is unloaded and launched, the dolly/cradle will knock down into readily-handled component pieces that will stow in fitted compartments built into the yacht. This will eliminate any need to return to the jump-off port of a cruise and will make it feasible to either ship the yacht back home from a different port (open-jaw connection) or forward it for use in a different part of the world.

Friedman added that Boat-In-a-Box (™) will be offering clients a complete system that includes a specially-designed and personalized purpose-built yacht, plus an array of cruise-planning, logistical, and freight-forwarding backup services, delivered via a worldwide network of staging depots placed near select world-renown cruising waters. Said Friedman,

"Boat-In-a-Box (™) has been in conceptual development and business planning for a couple of years now. Our currently projected  timetable is to formally introduce the concept at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in early November, 2017, and to present a full-size working prototype for demonstration at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in March, 2018."

According to Friedman, an equity-based crowdfunding campaign will kick off at the beginning of September this year.

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Phil Friedman
Port Royal Group
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Tel: 1.954.224.2145


Phil Friedman 28/6/2017 · #85

#84 Yes, I remember Hurricane Andrew well. The fact is, in Florida, we are all much better prepared now, and our building codes are much improved. But to continue our discussion of dry-rack boat storage, the current common structural designs for such storage facilities are still subject to what is known in engineering circles as "zipper" failure -- the serial failure of a single component followed by another, then another, and another, until the entire structure collapses. Your idea to build such rack storage of steel boxes (containers) locked together would result in a much more storm resistant building. Cheers!

+1 +1
Wayne Yoshida 28/6/2017 · #84

#83 Storm storage (hurricane storage?) might be something. A friend and customer of mine lost his boat during Hurricane Andrew (Miami). . . . his boat is on the cover of a fund-raiser book that went out shortly after it was over. I can't recall her name, nor the size and configuration of the craft. It was a big power boat

Phil Friedman 28/6/2017 · #83

#81 That is an interesting suggestion, Wayne. I think that using the system longer-term for storage, as an alternative to wet slips would not be practical because of the limiting width of the containers and the need, in most cases, to insert the boats tilted to one side. However, using stacked containers in preference to the usual structure employed in "dry-rack" storage is itself a brilliant idea -- even if it involved manufacturing special width containers. Right now, the usual construction for "dry-rack" boat storage is quite vulnerable to major storms. But building up structures using steel containers stacked and locked together would be ever so much more durable and wind resistant. (What is your opinion, @Lada 🏡 Prkic?) Cheers!

+1 +1
Phil Friedman 28/6/2017 · #82

#80 Thanks, @Javier 🐝 beBee, for saying so ... and the support. I hope to be able to say eventually that beBee is where this magnificently successful endeavor first announced and got its start! :-)

Wayne Yoshida 27/6/2017 · #81

#52 This is another "feature" that might be market-able, @Phil Friedman - slips/docks are filled up in many places. The storage network may be a great offshoot.

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Javier 🐝 beBee 27/6/2017 · #80

#79 I am a non-boating person but I see this venture as a great one and very innovative.

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Phil Friedman 26/6/2017 · #79

#78 Thanks for saying so, Jim. I think one needs to be a yachtsperson to understand the full import of this concept (which I've been working on for a couple of years), which is why I didn't tag any of the usual suspects on the post. But I am gratified to see that some non-boating people can see its merit as well. Cheers!

+3 +3
Jim Murray 26/6/2017 · #78

FYI. I think this is a fabulous idea.

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