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It’s Good To Be Back Testing and Reviewing Yachts for Major Magazines

It’s Good To Be Back Testing and Reviewing Yachts for Major Magazines


Returning to freelance writing for some of the major yachting magazines is something I've wanted to do for a while -- as testing and reviewing yachts is truly a labor of love, made so much better by getting paid to do it. If you'd like to see what this was all about, read the original article at:

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Phil Friedman Nov 15, 2018 · #18

#16 Thank you, @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador, for the kind words and for continuing to read and comment. Cheers!

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Phil Friedman Nov 15, 2018 · #17

#14 Thanks, @Jim Murray, that is probably the most gratifying thing you've ever said to me... second only to "Go F%#K yourself, Friedman." Seriously, I value your opinion highly, and for me, it's a home run to receive a compliment like that from you. Cheers, bud!


Super news @Phil Friedman You're doing what you enjoy and that's what matters.

Jerry Fletcher Nov 14, 2018 · #15

#13 Phil, Jim put it extremely well. Winning at digital marketing also requires studying what works and what doesn't but the linch pin is building a list--of folks that Trust you. There's a piece about the 10x conference here on BeBee right now. It takes about and hour to watch the video but it is worth it as Russel Brunson tells the story of how he has developed a multi-million dollar business on line. He sold over a million dollars worth of product in about one hour on a stage in front of 9000 people--all based on a formula developed by Direct Marketing folks before there was an internet. Brilliant young man.

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Jim Murray Nov 14, 2018 · #14

I always use you as an example of someone who has figured out how to use LinkedIn to actually get business. " I think perhaps the key is that you have to build a following that is less general and more vertical within your core business sector." This is big learning that most people never figure out.

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Phil Friedman Nov 14, 2018 · #13

#11 Thanks, @Jerry Fletcher, for reading and commenting... and for the kind words. It's interesting that I've always been skeptical of digital marketing, but of late I am seeing some of it pay off personally. I think perhaps the key is that you have to build a following that is less general and more vertical within your core business sector. Especially, if B2B is primarily what you're marketing. But you'd know more about than I. Cheers!

Phil Friedman Nov 14, 2018 · #12

#10 Thank you, @Wayne Yoshida, for the kind words. It's taken a mountain of work over the past decade on social media but I am finally finding that personal inbound-marketing can pay off.

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Jerry Fletcher Nov 13, 2018 · #11

Phil, I will second Wayne Yoshida's comment but change the last line to what I use when speaking: "What matters most is who trusts you." In my view, you are a man to be trusted, particularly when it comes to business and yachts. Keep tellin' it like it is.

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