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Show Me the Intelligence

Show Me the Intelligence


Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.”

Ray Kurzweil, Futurist and Author

The hype about the rapidly approaching Singularity of Artificial Intelligence comes not so much from the Prophets as from the Profits of AI...

Phil Friedman, AI-Skeptic and Author in   "Artificial Un-Intelligence"


A recent article in Forbes loudly purported to provide us with "10 Powerful Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today". Unfortunately, not one of the examples cited represents a true instantiation of Intelligence, artificial or otherwise.  

Phil Friedman, in  "Artificial Un-Intelligence"

The operating principle in the promotion of AI seems to be if you say it loudly and often enough, people may believe you...
from "The Emperor May Be a Bot... But He Still Has No Clothes"

"... look for example at a driverless car, that's a form of ... modest intelligence, the average 16-year-old can do it as long as they're sober, with a couple of months of training. Yet Google has worked on it for seven years and their car still can only drive like on sunny days, without too much traffic."

GARY MARCUS, "The limits of artificial intelligence", Tech Crunch, April, 2017


Let's get real. At 16 years old, 4'9" tall and well under 100 lbs, Mary Lou Retton, could have kicked the ass of the 180-pound Boston Dynamics back-flipping "super" robot fifty times over... 

from  "The Robots Are Coming, the Robots Are Coming..."

To read and follow the series, go to: 

"Show Me the Intelligence  ―The Series"

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Phil Friedman 4/12/2017 · #23

#21 Thanks, @Aleta Curry, for your confidence. Cheers!

Aleta Curry 4/12/2017 · #22

#11 Yeah, most of the time I'd settle for some *human* intelligence, @Milos Djukic, never mind artificial!

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Aleta Curry 4/12/2017 · #21

I think this series is going to make for some interesting reading.

+1 +1
Milos Djukic 3/12/2017 · #20

#14 Phil, I borrow that one from you, with a little modification. Cheers!

Original: "Before writing comes thinking" TM by Phil Friedman :)

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Phil Friedman 2/12/2017 · #18

#17 @Phillippe Collard, thank you for the link to your LI article (really a paper). I cannot recommend too highly thar people interested in AI read it. You and I have actually been 1st level connections on LinkedIn for several years, and I cannot believe I didn’t see this great paper. Especially since I follow you there. But that is the way of LI non-distribution. Anyway, I will be adding the link to Recommended Further Reading in the posts of the series. Please feel free to comment here any time. Your voice will always be welcomed. My best to you. Cheers!

+2 +2
Philippe Collard 2/12/2017 · #17

@Phili Friedman, YES! As one who is a veteran of the AI field (say 30years :-) and went thru the AI winter, I simply cannot stand the current hype. IN most case, it's done by some folks purely for self promotion. I wrote a lot on the topic. Feel free to share.

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Phil Friedman 2/12/2017 · #16

#12 yes, @Ian Weinberg, it seems that the general discussion on social media and the popular press of Artificial Intelligence has caused “us” to lose our minds. There are scientists and philosophers speaking out about this, and I hope to use the series to bring that more to the forefront. Thanks for supporting #SHOWMETHEINTELLIGENCE.

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