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You're Invited to Join the Port Royal Group Forum (@Facebook)

You're Invited to Join the Port Royal Group Forum (@Facebook)


The Port Royal Group for Yacht Builders, Buyers, and Owners has been operating on LinkedIn for nearly ten years.

Recently, we’ve undertaken a makeover of our group and, at the same time, undertaken a number of initiatives to restore the high levels of discussion and information-sharing that were achieved during the earlier years our PRG group on LinkedIn was in operation.

First, we’ve tightened up the management of the group to fit more closely with our original mission and the group rules that have been in place since its inception.

Second, we’ve created a parallel or “sister” group on Facebook, the Port Royal Group Forum (@Facebook), where we have better tools for keeping off-topic and spam posts out of the group’s feed, and where we can provide (on an optional basis) notifications to members of new posts, discussions, and comments as they appear in the group’s feed.

Consequently, you can now join the conversation at either the Port Royal Group for Yacht Builders, Buyers, and Owners on LinkedIn, or better yet, the Port Royal Group Forum (@Facebook).

Both groups are networking forums where members can seek answers to questions, express candid opinions, and share experiences concerning yacht building, buying, and ownership. Our membership is comprised of yacht design and construction professionals, boat and ship yard operators, potential yacht buyers, and current yacht owners. And the core objective of these groups is the interchange of relevant knowledge, expertise, and experience, for the mutual benefit of all group members.

So come join the conversation, where discussion is always lively, interesting, and 100% insider-based,

I look forward to engaging with you there.  -- Phil Friedman, Editor and Publisher, The PRG Forum

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BAYIN Didier Nov 4, 2019 · #8

Hello , I am Didier I am a new member of group. Just to say hello for all member of this group.

Habib Abd Al Sater Nov 3, 2019 · #7

Hi Jerry how about to introduce the communications and navigation in yachts? Are you willing to work on this project.? Iam senior staff of Avionics technology 

Jerry Fletcher Oct 30, 2019 · #6

Phil, Good luck with that!

Praveen Raj Gullepalli Oct 27, 2019 · #5

#3 The tide is high, but gotta keep moving on ;) Cheers Phil! Wishing us merry weather ahead Cap'n!

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Phil Friedman Oct 27, 2019 · #4

#1 Welcome aboard! Cheers!

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Phil Friedman Oct 27, 2019 · #3

#2 Thanks, Praveen. Hope all is well. Cheers!

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Oct 27, 2019 · #2

I have notified Scott (he is a trusted connect on FB and is based out of NY/Bayport - an avid yachtsman (owns one), dedicated flier (owns a Piper among other machines), gutsy racer (owns a racer Ferrari old model I think and is active on the racing circuit), passionate biker (owns a few sports bikes and cruisers too)... have shared the page url with him and told him a bit about you in a line ;) Hope he joins the group. He is a remarkable individual.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Oct 27, 2019 · #1

Am in Phil. Not that I have ANY experience with the yachting thing...but I may be able to connect some friends with the group.

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