Gareth Field in Sports Marketing, Social Media, Marketing Director • The Reputations Agency Nov 7, 2019 · 1 min read · 5.3K

When in doubt, send it down a city river

Good morning bees!  Please be patient with me as this is my first post... so here goes! 

First of all, I thought this would be a good hive to share great examples of some of the genius sports marketing that we see on a regular basis around the world.  I think it's important that we are inspired by some of the great creativity going on in the sports marketing industry, things we can learn from and build upon.  

During my time working in London, we always used to marvel at how influential the River Thames was, how it impacted on everyday Londoners and how it was represented and perceived in the media.  The public reaction never got old to any occurrence that disrupted their daily routine, be it an action sequence being filmed for a Hollywood franchise or giant objects floating down their favorite waterway.  It always caused a stir and it always got great media coverage.  Our theory was that if in doubt, super-size it and float it down the Thames.  

So hats off to Overkill, a German sneaker and graffiti store for not only adopting the theory but taking it a step further. 

When in doubt, send it down a city river

Launching an exclusive new adidas trainer, not only did they super-size it, they turned the sneaker into a jet-ski and raced down a local Berlin waterway! Think it's fair to say that looking at the international online coverage highlighting the stunt, they nailed it!   Pretty cool, no?  Let me know what you think.  Please share anything that you've seen that you think is creative, innovative and show-stopping! 

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