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Our Top 5 Must Have Features In A Diesel Forklift

Our Top 5 Must Have Features In A Diesel Forklift

If you are considering purchasing or hiring a diesel forklift for your worksite, then knowing exactly how you plan on using your machine is incredibly important. This allows you to select a model that best meets the requirements of your application. In general, however, there are five must-have features that you should never sacrifice on when making your choice. We’ve outlined the critical aspects that all forklifts should have, so you can be sure you’ve chosen the best machine for your workplace – check them out below! 

1. 4WD Handling

If you plan on driving your forklift across rough terrain – which is common when operating outdoors, then a 4WD handling system should be number one on your wish list! This will reduce the chances of tipping the machine over or losing your load, which can potentially cause injury to your employees and thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the products you’re carrying and the machine itself. 

2. Pothole stabilisation 

A must-have safety feature that all diesel forklifts should have is pothole stabilisation. As these machines are designed for outdoor use, it’s critical that they are equipped to handle the changing ground quality found outside. Pothole stabilisation ensures the machine is ‘caught’ when driving over a pothole and prevents the forklift from tipping over. 

3. Performance on Gradients

This is one of the key reasons people choose a diesel forklift – they offer far greater performance on slopes without draining the fuel levels immediately. If your workspace or yard features gradients of any degree, then it’s important that the machine you choose is capable of moving product up and down these slopes. 

4. Potential for Attachments

Whilst many use their forklifts for moving one type of product only, there are others that use their machinery to transport a varied range of stock during their day-to-day activities. If your business falls into the latter category, then the potential to add attachments to your diesel forklift is a must. Consider attachments such as tyne extensions, crane jibs and carpet poles – and you’ll be able to use your model for an even wider range of applications! 

5. Built-In Counterbalance

Do you plan on lifting heavy loads? If so, you may consider selecting a counterbalanced diesel forklift. This means the machine features a counterweight in the rear of the vehicle, allowing it to lift heavier pallets and products without tipping over. 

Choosing a forklift that meets your needs is an absolute must. If you’re still confused over which diesel forklift is best for you, or you’ve narrowed it down and just need a little bit of professional advice to make a decision, reach out to Liftech

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