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Animals and Family

I'm really proud of my brother. Two boys born less than twelve months apart, at the dawning and waning of the very same year in fact, could not be more poles apart, cats-and-dog different.

I was an introverted creature, studious, low energy, extremely academic. Dave is a vital animal, outgoing, high energy and, whilst having an animistic wisdom, left school at 16 with barely a qualification to his name. A "pass" in Rural Studies, if I remember correctly.

Dave strived hard to be independent, and had got the mortgage for his first house by his early twenties. He worked in a tropical fish shop, as a simple shop assistant on a low wage, but knew what he wanted and set out to get it. I went on to sixth form and then University. I studied for two degrees, never knew what I wanted to do and did not get my first job until 24. I fell into an academic career.

Dave has stayed in Northamptonshire most of his life, with just a brief aborted sojourn in Spain. I left home at 18, travelled the world, moved around a lot. For more than half my lifetime, Northampton has been a distant memory.

My love was for science, engineering and mathematics, I spent most of my time in the inner spaces of my mind. Dave's love is animals, nature and the natural world. He is an outdoors man, in every sense of the word.

Animals and Family

I have changed, become altered, separated from my past selves, who I look back on with a tinge of disdain, on the rare occasions I care to glance back. I became self-confident, brash, arrogant and sure of myself in my career. I took no prisoners in my Science. I was good. Very, very good. My career became my life. Others around me suffered in my dogged pursuit of excellence.

Dave, needing more money to finance his natural pursuits, started working for a local printer. He worked hard, by all accounts he was very, very good too. It did not fulfill him. His job was merely a means to end. Dave has essentially remained himself, remained true to his core, is still in essence the young man who I left at 18 and barely saw for many years. He is now more mature, more worldly wise, kinder. But still the avatar of himself. A force of nature.

My career was cut short by a cruel illness [Parkinson's Disease]. I lost my Great Love, my life's pursuit and have had to grieve. To change and adapt, to evolve once again or perish. I'm currently lost, at sea, not sure what to do or what I am capable of. Yet Dave has found his Calling, in his family and his career. Very bravely, he formed his own business, Raptorxotics. He has squared his own circle and now his animals, family and work are One.

And he is very, very good.

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Animals and Family

Gerald Hecht 21/11/2016 · #5

@Gary Sharpe very, very, very good.

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Kevin Pashuk 3/11/2016 · #4

A great tribute to your brother Gary, and a great reminder of how two people from the same gene pool can be so different.

There is a tinge of sadness in your post as well, and I do hope that you find a new rhythm of fulfillment soon. You've had a battle to fight, and have instilled a deep respect from many readers as you have shared.

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Don 🐝 Kerr 3/11/2016 · #3

@Gary Sharpe Appreciate you sharing this. There's a lesson within that even in the midst of personal suffering perspective can be gained and beauty found. I am sorry for your life with Parkinson's while admiring your ability to be vulnerable in this forum.

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Paul Walters 3/11/2016 · #2

@Gary Sharpe Thanks for that. Have recently read Michael J Fox's autobiography and I do so empathise with your condition. However that is a magnificent falcon!!

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debasish majumder 3/11/2016 · #1

nicely portrayed an eloquent story of life! enjoyed read. thank you @Gary Sharpe for the share.

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