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As we Delve Deeper together, as we Gather Pace here, I want to return now to a major theme: the new understanding that we should recast our view of Dis-ease not as something sent to test us, but as an opportunity, a catalyst, for personal, emotional and physical growth and improvement. I want to share something more with you now that I have not even hinted at before, but for which the time now feels right. And I have learned to trust my feelings implicitly. PD has given me that much. Because although Parkinson’s can be ghastly, I for one know how important the Dis-ease has been for me, and that I simply could never have Become without it. I know what I would never have gleaned, never have understood, never have experienced. And I would not give up these things in exchange for never having had Parkinson’s. My Dis-ease has Changed Everything for me and, ironically, made be more Well than I ever could have possibly imagined.

And none of this is intended to be boastful, nor to make anyone feel inferior, nor jealous, nor any of those negative things we have been taught to feel. This is about sharing onwards what a Chronic Dis-ease has taught my about the Hidden Mysteries of Human Love. Indeed, I share this with you now in the Spirit of Love. As an Act of Love.

So I have spoken often about how through the Crucible of Parkinson’s, I found these, my Words, and through them, a Power to Influence, to Guide and to Help people around the world. But I have never spoken about how in the Crucible I also found I have a Voice. A Voice which, when combined with my Flowing Words, spoken with a peculiar Lilt, said confidently with a depth of feeling and emotion or when whispered passionately in the darkness, can effect bodies, can take over Nervous Systems, can induce Bliss and Joy and Vibrations. For, and this is the truth, I can not only write freely like this, I can Speak, at times, in Free Flow too. For hours. And when in that State, I discovered my Voice has the Power to not only Enthral, but to create Enrapture through Words and Sound alone.

And I have spoken often about how PD has taught me all about the Deeper Truths of Love and Fear – to know the difference. But I have never spoken about how my Parkinson’s taught me the very Art of Love. That my Journey has taken me from a pathetic, selfish physical lover, to a Giver who can touch generously without even necessarily being present.

I have spoken often about how Parkinson’s galvanized my Quest to be a Better Man. But I’ve never spoken about how PD made me in to a Man, a Male of the Species. Indeed, the reason that I am able to be so very Open in these Sharings, and in doing so to help so many others, is because my Dis-ease allowed me to glean just what we are all missing by being Closed. I am capable of being so very Vulnerable precisely because when it comes to my own Masculinity, I now know I have nothing to Fear. No doubts whatsoever.

I have spoken often about how Parkinson’s made me understand this Sleeper needed to awaken. But I have not spoken about how PD taught me all about other forms of Human Awakenings.

For one thing I have never even hinted at, which I’m now hinting heavily at here, is that Parkinson’s introduced me, through self-discovery, to Something Else Entirely. Later we found out that in Yogic Tradition it known about within certain contexts. There, it is referred to as Kundalini.

So the irony of my Parkinson’s Dis-ease, that speech-thief, that hibernation-inducer, is by walking through its fire, I have found my Voice and through it I have been able to Awaken not only my own, but also other human souls.

And the Physical/Spiritual/Emotional Pleasure/Joy/Bliss of Kundalini is immense for both the Giver and the Receiver. It is Healing Power beyond any Words I can yet muster. And I need to start talking about this, to start the Conversation. To introduce the Concept, to get people talking, to thrill others enough to go learn about it. For one Act of Love always leads to another…

When the Day comes when the Word and Concept of Kundalini is no longer, for most people, something totally out of the blue, completely left field like this, but when we all Know of it, then that is the Day we all stop living these small lives, obsessed by Animalistic love. That is the Day we all stop being the very Frightened Little Boys and Girls Alone in the Darkness and become Fully Human.

That is when the word Dis-ease loses all meaning for the human race.

My Love, I’m gently shaking you, whispering in your ear. It is morning. It is time Wake Up now.


Ben Pinto 14/11/2016 · #2

Kundalini has awakened and is rising through your spinal column. Bravo for having achieved this plateau, Dr. @Gary Sharpe.

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Irene Hackett 13/11/2016 · #1

Again @Gary Sharpe, I am breathless. It is both mysterious and ironic, the power of pain, "my Dis-ease allowed me to glean just what we are all missing by being Closed." What I am a witness to is the coming of a man into his full, 3 dimensional being. Where once there were closed compartments - the doors are now freely open. Please keep sharing.

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