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The Mundane, Magic and Metamorphosis

Those who have been following my Journey will know that my Story runs much deeper than just a return to Health, They will have followed my Thought Patterns, because I've recorded them all in the Moment, in the Flow as they came. They will know I have pondered the Hidden Mysteries of Science and Nature, Considered the Ills of our Modern Society which leads to so much Dis-ease and argued Well the Need for Change. During my Travels, I have become much more Aware, much more Open to Possibilities, found True Love, Experienced much Deeper Things, Discovered the Power of Words, the Power to Influence.

Yesterday, I Gleaned two Words to summarize the two ends of this transformation. Mundane and Magic.

The Problem with modern life, why there is so much illness, is because we have become frozen, stuck in the Mundane - lives of Drudgery, Slaves to the Clock, in states of Hopelessness, Tomorrow-and-Tomorrow-and-Tomorrow the same as Today, without Light at the end of the Tunnel.

Our broken and misguided system of "Science", in particular, locks us in hard-and-fast to the Mundane. True Science is Enlightening, so very Open to the Unexplained, Seeks to Further Understanding, Knows its Own Limits and Pushes the Boundaries of Itself. But what we have is not this. What we have is Dogma, Ingrained Thinking, Fear of the Unknown, Myopic Perspectives, Unacceptance, Self-Inflicted Unawareness.

Magic is simply the concept that there are things yet to be Explained, and that just because our Current Understandings are far behind, we don't need to dismiss Thoughts and Experiences which we can't yet Comprehend, but should Embrace and Explore them, be Ever Open and Grateful for the Possibilities that there is Something More, Something We've Missed. That we can Hope that Tomorrow is different from Today and we can, indeed, Discover something New, Deep and Profound about Ourselves, Each Other and Our Lives.

Friends, us Humans were never, ever meant to Live without Magic in our lives. Trapping ourselves in the Mundane is precisely what is slowly Killing us.

I Awoke from a Dream about Re-generation with another M-Word Gleaned.


I Accept now that my own Parkinson's was a necessary Chrysalis Stage. With Acceptance and Understanding comes True Healing.

I now Believe in Magic. I believe that my Way with Words is a Gift. I believe I was given that Gift to Help You Heal too.

The Mundane, Magic and Metamorphosis

Loribeth Pierson 22/10/2016 · #23

I BELIEVE Gary! Magical occurrences happen every day in my life and my family and friends lives. Passionately Protest Mediocrity!

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This is a powerful piece, Gary, and filled with your magic.

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Jared J. Wiese 20/10/2016 · #21

Poetic, Gary!

Sounds in alignment with The Miracle Morning's "mediocrity" for the Mundane.

For more info, see the hive,

Also struck me as relevant to Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 18/10/2016 · #20

Very inspiring dear Gary! You truly are mind over matter. Magic is all in the mind. For thoughts become things. Here's something from recent memory that resonates with it all...I was out of town last week with Dad, his childhood friend and my bro in law on some work of my Dad's childhood friend. We travelled to Bangalore and back. I remember him from the time I was 4, almost 45 years ago. 25 years ago, he developed Parkinsons...and has been battling it ever since. Tooth and nail. He is around 74 now. Trembles all the time...can't hold a glass of water or a cuppa by himself. But his mind is razor sharp and he plans meticulously, though he tends to be overbearingly repetitive. Walks 4 kms morning and 5 kms evening everyday...been doing it for years. Invests in properties and sell them to builders and makes enough to add to things. He amazes me with his tenacity and sense of purpose and his self-discipline in his daily routine. Isn't that magic!

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Dean Owen 18/10/2016 · #19

I've been thinking hard how to respond to this and have written comments only to delete them. I believe the power comes from within and you have that power. I don't. If I was diagnosed like you were, I would probably sit around and let rigidity take me, and I'd be OK with that mainly because I feel I've had my lifetime share of living life to the fullest. Now obviously this is hypothetical. Who knows. I too might have some semblance of your power. What I do know is that you are an inspiration to all the fighters out there.

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Pascal Derrien 18/10/2016 · #18

I second that @Gary Sharpe indeed, my daughter keeps telling me I should be called Merlin :-)

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Gary Sharpe 18/10/2016 · #17

@Pascal Derrien @Dean Owen do you believe that "That we can Hope that Tomorrow is different from Today and we can, indeed, Discover something New, Deep and Profound about Ourselves, Each Other and Our Lives?" If so, then you too believe in Magic...

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Gary Sharpe 18/10/2016 · #16

#14 interesting perspective, I was just thinking that the applied neuroplasticity of what I have been doing has had far reaching and unintended consequences way beyond just relearning my movement...