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Two Suns

Two Suns, Far Apart. Unknown to each other, yet, always, unknowingly being pulled together by the only long range force in the Universe: gravitational attraction. They orbit, collide with or absorb other heavenly bodies - planets, moons, comets, other suns - as they progress through the stages of the lifetime of stars, on their galactic journey across the Night Skies. Each interaction is designed by Universal Laws of Motion to draw them across the abyss of space-time, to a new destination.

In Time, at the Right Time, when the Suns' cores have grown cold, their nuclear fires burnt almost to ash, their diminishing light finally begins to shine on the other in the darkness of the Void. The gravitational attraction is now joined by shorter range attractive forces: the electro-magnetic. They begin now to pull each together, they orbit and spiral according to the mathematically pre-ordained Mechanical patterns. To the astronomical observer, they appear to dance in the sky. As they are pulled ever closer, it Quickens. The heat intensity magnifies, re-igniting the nuclear ashes of their cores, and fires up the next stage of the onion-like evolutions through which all Stars pass.

They begin to Shine again.

The double light is brighter than either could have ever produced on their own, as they settle in to the final, tight and close orbit of their journey through this Galactic life. They haved formed a new binary Star System. To the distant observer, they appear as a single bright spot in the Night Sky. They travel on now, spend the rest of their nuclear burn stages orbiting together. They shine and shine on.

Two Suns, Close Together. Known to each other, always, knowingly, being held together by the only higher force in the Universe: love.

Two Suns, One Binary System in the Later Stages of the Nuclear Burn of their Lives.

These Stars were born in the Void, have looked into the Abyss when alone, but were ever steered through the Darkness, according to the Celestial Mechanics.

Two Suns