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Answer The Damn Question

Answer The Damn Question

First off, and because this needs to be very clear, I am neither a Democrat or a Republican, my views are often diametrically opposed to both ends of the political spectrum. In relation to healthcare and fairness in society I think I am probably a socialist (damned Communist! No, you need to look it up, it's different I swear), in terms of crime and punishment I would probably terrify some Republicans with my hard right views (Guy is nuts, wants to hang Politicians who are corrupt!). However, in terms of delivering real opportunites for prison inmates to change their lives and reduce recidivism, many people would probably call me a namby pamby liberal (training them degenerates and offering them a future!) . So, I don't really fit in many boxes, however, I honestly thought that most people didn't, however, now I wonder slightly. 

I think that the recent attack on the free press by the Whitehouse is perhaps the most dangerous attack on the constitutional right to free speech ever in the history of the United States. I know that is just my opinion, hey they are like body parts right, everyone has one!

The thing is with me is that I suffer with that odd need to have reasoned debate, and that even stranger urge to understand people with diametric views to mine (I know, my guidance teacher said I was always going to be poor ass poor). So, I have asked some people who support him some questions, specifically, I asked two. 

The first one is how can you support this guy as he lies constantly, how can you square that? In my experience so far, someone asks what lies, you keep saying he is a liar and don't offer evidence. So I do, they then proceed to deflect and talk about what Obama did or Clinton did. They never answer the question, ever. I don't really understand why, I mean is it news that President Trump is an outrageous liar? That he tells lies that a twelve year old would be embarrassed to tell (and I know some pretty inventive twelve year olds)? I don't believe it is, so what gives? Explain it to me, I would like to understand. I mean if there was a guy like Trump in your neighbourhood, you would avoid him like the plague. 

The other thing I have been trying to debate is what they think of the attack on the media. I believe, that it is a direct attack on first ammendment rights, I mean this is an attack on the constitution. So I asked do you feel that a whitehouse attacking the free press is in the interests of your constitutional rights.

Again, the answers are always deflection, finally somebody answered me and what they said was both enlightening and frightening (because of the duplicity of thought displayed) at the same time. They said 

"Geoffrey the beautiful thing about Trump is he says what we the people want him to say! Not some politically practiced smooth talk that gets nothing done! It's one thing to report facts. But quite another to sit and listen to the propaganda arm of the left! It is so obvious! That's where the problem lies. I am certain the framers of the constitution would not be for a press that was corrupt and in bed with a political party. This is not about disagreeing with Trump. This is about feeding the masses - the useful idiots - incorrect information to keep them angered and misinformed to go out and cause havoc on an administration and ideals that they want to abolish. Can't you see that? That is not a free press I can assure you. There are masses of Trump supporters who support what he is doing and encourage it to bring America back to her glory!"

So I asked" when you disagree with him or call him a liar, because he is, and he says you are an enemy of the American people. What will your answer be then? I also said, While we are talking about the framers of the constitution and their lack of understanding of the modern world, do you think that they might not have been for automatic weapons as well? Or does their lack of understanding only extend to when it suits your beliefs?" 

No one answered that either!

I think that attitude is probably the most shocking, if it suits my beliefs this is what the constitution actually means. I am sorry, but that isn't the way it works, the constitution is the foundation document of the state. It is what it is, and it says what it says. The other thing that fascinates me is the idea that the framers of the Constitution wanted America to be a Christian Nation. Has anyone ever read the document? 

The framers of the Constitution were very careful to ensure that America was a Nation of Christians, there is a huge difference. They separated church and state, because they understood implicitly that in a true Republic, that was exactly what was needed. They understood the word Theocracy, long before Iran established one. 

I mean, do you people even read the damned thing?

So, to anybody on here, Trumpist, Republican not happy, Democrats you don't count. Do you believe the Whitehouse attacks on the free press are in the interests of your constitutional rights? 

Gerald Hecht 1/3/2017 · #15

#10 @Brian McKenzie remember that little revolution they had in France...not that I'm advocating anything...just --it does seem like there is at least one precedent.

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Brian McKenzie 28/2/2017 · #14

Guillotines and canolli - damnit - I am coming back for that party

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Gerald Hecht 27/2/2017 · #13

They (the framers) never envisioned the industrial revolution...let alone the tech revolution... there is no "first principle" which provides for a true separation between the private sector and the state...
...nothing to prevent a "technocracy"...the concept of a technocracy has not existed for thousands of years.

It will end shortly...beginning in Vespucci's namesake.
No , I will entertain no queries, nor requests for the methods to be employed.
So, let us relax! "Leave the Gun....take the cannoli!"

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Gerald Hecht 27/2/2017 · #12

Sometimes dementia (of varying etiology) is cute and makes for a good "Roll Your Own SNL Skit"...other must swim with the fishes --via an untraceable poison; unidentifiable; the administration of which....nobody on this SM platform would have had arranged.

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Geoffrey Cooling 27/2/2017 · #11

#10 I Know!

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Brian McKenzie 27/2/2017 · #10

You mean we can't hang or behead politicians? .......shit.

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Geoffrey Cooling 27/2/2017 · #9

#7 The lies that irritate me most are the foolish ones, they are often lies that seem to be about his ego, when not they are lies to support him and his position. They are all easily checked as false, that is what really frightens me, he either believes his bullshit, or he doesn't care that people know he is a liar. Lies like, the biggest inaug, won by the biggest margin, the economy is crap, I will sort it, the murder rate is the highest for forty years. Feel fre to look at for a full run down with links to evidence.

The last thing I would say to you is answer the damn question, do you think an attack on the free press by the Whitehouse is in your constitutional interests?

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Geoffrey Cooling 27/2/2017 · #8

#7 Sorry was out last night and my wife said if I picked up my phone she would break my fingers! You are essentially right, he has freedom of speech as has every American. However, he is supposed to be the ultimate Guardian of the constitution, so attacking a core freedom seems to be a little odd. I mean there are better ways of managing the situation. In relation to the Russia story, it could be as simple as saying we don't believe there is a story here, the right people are investigating it and we await their findings.

Your comment on CNN is the default answer I have received, it is not an answer to the question I posed, it is a deflection. My answer to it is simple, Breitbart, Fox et al are propoganda arms of the Right and everyone knows it.So are they enemies of the American people as well? I try to take my news from independent or impartial sources, The London Times, The Guardian (don't tell anyone), The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and a few others. The BBC is normally an excellent source of information without spin, except of course if it is an opinion piece. However, I realise that it is incumbent upon me to question much and if there is not validated sources, to search for them. I think Obama got a pretty rough ride as did Bush, however in answer, I truthfully don't know if any President has been so at odds with the media.

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