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Building Your Brand, em no, thanks though

Building Your Brand, em no, thanks though

Personal brand is certainly a buzz phrase over the last few years. I mean I certainly understand the concept and I suppose I engage in it more or less everytime I write. 

I don't really focus on it, I believe that your brand is what your customers or other people say about you. While you can try to set the terms of your brand, it is really not yours to control rigidly. 

Yes you can shape it and take steps to control it and protect it. But in the final analysis it is probably out of your control. However, it astonishes me how many people are focused on it. 

I suppose that in the modern work world, who you are matters. Perhaps more than ever with the advent of the Web.  

My problem with the concept of personal brand is that it is generally bullshit. Hyped rubbish that often doesn't have much bearing on who we are as an individual. Or, it focuses on one thing we do or wish to be recognised for. 

In essence generally it is artifice. The reason that I gravitate to bebee so much is that the concept excites me. For me, bebee is about who I am more or less without constraint. 

That is a scary concept, in order for it to be true, I have to lay myself bare. None of us are especially comfortable with that. I am much more than what I do. I am much more than what I write about. 

However with the likes of Gerald Hecht Jim Murray Phil Friedman and many others I won't name check, this has become a platform for just that. Laying your thoughts bare in order that you can engage and debate. I really love that about bebee. 

So, I may build my personal brand on bebee but it may not be the brand that would be expected. It will probably just be me. 

I once overheard some people talking at a conference about me. The gist of the conversation was "next speaker is Geoffrey Cooling, who's he? Irish bloke, really decent, really clued in on digital, brand and Patient retention, mad as fuck, curses a lot!"

You know, I probably couldn't have framed it better. 

Jennifer Leach-Trask 22/9/2018 · #15

Good for you to tell it like it is...or at least how you feel it is. Part of my business is helping entrepreneurs and leaders to build their personal brand.
I make sure to tell them that at the end of the day, it is really others who dictate what your brand is. A personal brand can be lost by 1 crisis or tarnished in 10 seconds by bad press. There is still a real person underneath and behind a personal brand. The only way to deal with obstacles, setbacks and outright failures is to learn from your mistakes and start again. Thanks for sharing your buzz.

Juan Imaz 20/4/2017 · #14

I really liked reading this @Geoffrey Cooling. Specially when you say "For me, bebee is about who I am more or less without constraint."

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Devesh 🐝 Bhatt 19/4/2017 · #13

True. It is never under ones control, why focus on it?

But the market requires me to work on it. Then and there it needs focus and preparation, specially on building receptiveness.

i save the disagreements for ironing out terms of engagement and the non negotiables for the process.

Somehow the disagreement part comes naturally to me so i do have to focus on the first impression. Otherwise people tend to be repulsive and ignore the most critical stuff. Here is the thing, those with money and the decision making power do not lose as much as the worker and the customer.

I know i can do it right, but they have to know it too, they do not listen unless there is an impression.

I would say it all has to work in tandem.

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Matthew Pearson 19/4/2017 · #12

Great stuff Geoff. The extra mile experience can be small but still significant things like the barber who grabs you a coffee from the cafe next door. The Post Office staff who say have your mail directed here & collect at your convenience. It would take something fairly major for you to shift your loyalties after being given service exceeding your expectations.
A great reminder, thanks!

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Phil Friedman 18/4/2017 · #11

@Geoffrey Cooling, thank you for the mention and for the compliment of counting me among the somewhat interesting berserkers Cheers!

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Now Is there to much repetitive noise about't, maybe, But no one can silence lhe Crowd. It's ok. Commenting late at night the last rugdby match in pub , is fine with me! Come on ! Beer for everyone....on me!

Geoffrey Cooling 18/4/2017 · #9

#5 You know you are right, I know you are right. But the beautiful thing for me about this platform is the chance just to engage, talk and exchange ideas. I once perhaps naively thought that social media would change our species. It didn't. I think I have mentioned cat pictures before. But bebee for me is some of that pure joy in nerdy hope I spoke about before.

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