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How Stupid Are We?

How Stupid Are We?

I read an article a while ago about Angela Merkel speaking about the effect that Facebook had on outlook and beliefs. How she thought that they could distort and shape views on different subjects. My first thought was, really!?!? Then the fake news furore broke across an unsuspecting world. 

I am afraid that surprised me, I probably shouldn't have been, but you know, I have kind of a quickly failing hope that the human race is not made up of gobshites (Irish technical term). I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised by the fact that a huge amount of people took ludicrous claims dressed up as a news as fact. 

I keep saying we couldn't be that stupid, and damned if they don't keep proving me wrong. It seems that generally we are, if any old clap trap is in line with our biases we will happily accept it as fact. I mean does no one know what fact checking is? It appears that fact checking is something that is lost on a swathe of the human race. 

The question for me is why, why is this so, how has this happened? What in god's name has been done to the education system whereby it is churning out people with no critical thinking skills? Although, I have to say perhaps that is the crux, that is why I am somehow different, my questioning is constant. Usually