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How Stupid Are We?

How Stupid Are We?

I read an article a while ago about Angela Merkel speaking about the effect that Facebook had on outlook and beliefs. How she thought that they could distort and shape views on different subjects. My first thought was, really!?!? Then the fake news furore broke across an unsuspecting world. 

I am afraid that surprised me, I probably shouldn't have been, but you know, I have kind of a quickly failing hope that the human race is not made up of gobshites (Irish technical term). I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised by the fact that a huge amount of people took ludicrous claims dressed up as a news as fact. 

I keep saying we couldn't be that stupid, and damned if they don't keep proving me wrong. It seems that generally we are, if any old clap trap is in line with our biases we will happily accept it as fact. I mean does no one know what fact checking is? It appears that fact checking is something that is lost on a swathe of the human race. 

The question for me is why, why is this so, how has this happened? What in god's name has been done to the education system whereby it is churning out people with no critical thinking skills? Although, I have to say perhaps that is the crux, that is why I am somehow different, my questioning is constant. Usually in fairness it is why in f*@#k's name would you/they/it do that? 

I remember catching parts of some dross comedy years ago, our hero had somehow been transported to the future or had woke up in the future or whatever. The future was full of the dumbest sacks you ever met, our protagonist was the smartest man on the planet. I sometimes wonder is that where we are heading? 

Instead of an enlightened race, a race that has used our amazing ability for invention and innovation to make our world better, we get attack of the vacuous people. Sometimes I despair! Then I talk to other people just like me and I feel better. And that is another problem, keep talking to your mirror image and you get side swiped by events/people/outlooks. 

I don't know anyone who is xenophobic or mysoginistic, mainly because I wouldn't tolerate it. I wouldn't tolerate them in my company, I wouldn't tolerate their bullshit. What we sometimes forget is that just because we don't know anyone like that, doesn't mean they aren't out there. It's like the old adage, I might be paranoid, but it doesn't mean they aren't out to get me! 

Believe me, the voices say they have been after me for years, I don't know though, the voices have lied to me before, there was that time with the thing and then the police and doctors, whoo,,,,, good times. In anyway, just how stupid are we? It seems that we are pretty stupid, even those of us asking the question sometimes. 

I don't have the answers, but I would really love to know, why do people watch the Kardashians? Why is reality TV so popular? Why do we celebrate gobshites? Why does Jeremy Kyle have a job? Why has our society evolved in such a way that cleetus married his cousin and then got caught in bed with his aunt and they want to talk about it on prime time TV? Why oh why oh why? 

More importantly, why do people want to watch it? Is it to feel better about themselves? Hey we are bad, but we ain't nothing like these car crashes! Is that why, is it the need to fell a little bit better about yourself? We all have to have someone to look down on right? Makes us feel better. 

Why? Damn it why? 

Pastor Robert Booker 24/11/2016 · #4

I too wonder what is happening to our world. I continue to tell the fake posters they should check the facts before they post some thing just because it is on the social media. I think we have become lazy and complacent with wanting to be followers. It seems to me as if the educators just want to teach how to pass tests and don't care if the students learn anything else.

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Max🐝 J. Carter 24/11/2016 · #3

The short answer, brainwashing for decades.

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Aurorasa Sima 24/11/2016 · #2

As you said ... it´s not just a lack of critical thinking. Part of it is that people don´t suspect information presented as news to be false. Another part is that most people don´t read what they share. A meme or article with over 100 "likes" must be shareworthy, right?

Well, and the rest is probably a lack of critical (or any form of) thinking. Where do we learn how to think in a school system that puts the focus on students passing multiple choice tests?

Why people like (scripted) reality tv so much? I don´t know. I guess it´s a nice distraction from what is left of the "real world" and the real problems.

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 24/11/2016 · #1

Gotta say, I loved this post Geoffrey, If you find the answer, PLEASE SHARE IT! I used to think my mother being unable to miss an episode of As The World Turns was idiocy, that TV couldn't get any worse than daytime soap operas. Damned if I wasn't proven wrong.

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