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The singularity & what if the bastards don't like us?

The singularity & what if the bastards don't like us?Image owned by MGM

The Singularity

The singularity is coming, but what if the computers don't actually like us? First off, let's talk about the singularity. Just in case you aren't familiar with the concept it is the idea that artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. In essence, a learning computer would undertake exponential growth in intelligence completely superceding human intelligence. 

Computers would quickly reach sentience, and if they didn't go quite mad, they would be rigidly logical with intelligence that superceded anything we have ever met before. Elon Musk, and the household favourites Einstein and Stephen Hawkins would be in the ha'penny place. 

Here is the thing, what if they looked at the human race with its fuckwit fringe and our self-centred bullshit, and our fucking intolerance of difference and decide that they didn't like us? 

What's to like?

Really, there is a question, what's to like? What is to really like about us as a species? While the computer is looking at the intolerance, the lies, the alt facts, the alt truth and all of the fuckwits that perpetrate them, will it notice the small charities, the selflessness by many, the sacrifice made for others? 

Because while the greatest shift in human moral consciousness that is personal beliefs has happened, the small charities still occur. While it seems many have bought into the outright madness of alt-facts, there are still many who guard the truth. While it seems that there are huge cohorts of people who consider science and scientific experts as just other people with opinions, there are many committed to supporting science and furthering its path. 

But Will it Matter?

That's the thing, will those things matter to the machine? Jim Jeffries (Australian Comedian, Don't look at Youtube Unless You Can Handle Bad words) says that the human race is like a train. The first carriage is the scientists, the ones who are driving the train. The ones who are racing ahead in sentience. The rest of us are in the two following cars, holding up everything. He holds real opprobrium for the religious among us.  

You know he is right, I like Jim Jeffries, I like science, I like truth and I like facts. I am also religious, bit of an oxymoron but that can actually occur. I believe in the love of Jesus Christ, however, I also believe that dinosaurs rocked and evolution is why we are here. 

That is the wonder of the human mind, we can hold two completely opposing thoughts in our mind without going insane. The real problem is when we close our mind when we close our mind to diametrically opposing views.That and when we begin to ignore facts. Facts are amazing things, you see your opinion, or your belief, you are entitled to that shit, but it don't trump facts. Many seem to have forgotten that. Here is the thing, opinions are like arseholes, every fucker has one. 

They still don't trump facts. Speaking of Donnie, you know this guy is a lying piece of shit right? Because if you don't, you are actually delusional. You must be, because you couldn't be aware of the facts and still stand with belief. You see that's the thing, facts, they have no political opinion, they have no political slant. They just are. 

Back to The Singularity

Back to the singularity, what do you think a logical sentient being will think of us? What do you think it will think of a species that allows homelessness, that allows poverty, that allows needless deaths from lack of healthcare? What do you think it will make of a people who stand in judgement of others without any understanding of their lives or their situation? Here's the thing, think carefully. what would your God think of it? Because your God is a logical sentient being as well. 

Like I said, I hoped my Grandchildren would enter a Star Trek life, where the singularity had coincided with a jump in human consciousness. Where we were free, fed, happy,  I hoped that my Grandchildren would see a Star Trek world, where our species had elevated past the myself. Unfortunately, when computers reach sentience I don't think they will like us much, so I fear we face a Terminator future. But hey, the world leaders have it all under control right?  

Pascal Derrien 14/11/2017 · #3

Nothing fancy to add except that I liked the article it is kool.... my AI wires don't allow me just yet to convey emotions on paper :-)

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Geoffrey Cooling 14/11/2017 · #2

#1 I agree, the "Singularity" is almost treated with a religious significance, however, it seems that with Watson, we are headed that way. Artificial intelligence is barely understood by the people who study it, so for us poor mortals, it is an enigma. Even if the machines don't reach sentience as we understand it, or don't really. The question still remains, in their ability for logical thought, what if they think we are indeed the fuckwits we are? What if they decide that even though there is good within us, the opportunity for growth, charity and empathy, that our ability to be cocks outweighs that?

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Singularity is more of a sci-fi topic than anything else. The idea that machine will become conscious (like us, but armed with superintelligence too) is based on questionable assumptions, such as that the consciousness we experience is a side-effect of our neurological development. However, this has not been proven and it's considered to be the "hard problem" of neuroscience, a problem that experts in the field are still very puzzled about. There is no doubt that one day (probably sooner rather than later) machines will possess superintelligence, but whether they become conscious because of that is a matter of debate. Whatever the case, when A.I. scientists who have their feet on the ground talk about this, they try to veer away from the term singularity, since they focus on the science part of the matter, instead of the science fiction lore that futurists fancy propagating to the mainstream. After all, A.I. is much more than the very limited view these people have, while its ramifications are puzzling even for people who have some understanding of the field (the A.I. scientists mentioned previously). So, perhaps it's best to not pay too much attention to what the singularity people talk about, since the whole thing sounds more like a cult, than anything akin to science.

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