Why You Do What You Do

We all do stuff right, there is a reason why we do it, in this case, I want to talk about why I do the job that I do. I fit hearing aids and look after people with hearing loss, I fell into the job while I was looking for redemption. I was looking for a path that would allow me to give back, to help. It seemed that Psychology was the thing I could do, it was probably the thing I could do well while helping other people. So I had plumped for a mature student degree in Psychology. While waiting for it to start, I was offered a job selling hearing aids, it was medical in nature, there was education involved and I would be helping people, it ticked all the boxes, so I went for it. 

Why You Do What You Do

First in Private practice, then working for a hearing aid manufacturer, then back to private practice which I am in, to this day. Anyway, enough of the background, what am I here to talk about? 

Teary Eyes

I was in the clinic before Christmas when a Patient came into see me, she has real problems with hearing no matter what, however, her ears were full of wax which completely left her unable the hear. I checked out here hearing aids and looked at the possibility of turning them up to overcome the ear wax blockage, it wasn't happening. So I took another look at her ears, the wax was close to the outer third of her ear canal, so there was a possibility that I could manually remove it. Normally though, we would allow a Patient to use oil drops before we then wash the ear wax out. Or suck it out depending on the contraindications. 

No hearing for Christmas

I suffer from some hearing loss, I think it is because of that I feel perhaps more empathy for people in the same situation. Having said that, I seem to be someone who is blessed or cursed with empathy, I seem to feel much of it. Anyway, I decided that I should at least try to make sure that this woman was not left without hearing for Christmas. I performed some manual manipulation using a specialist forceps and actually got a good hold on the wax in both ears, removing some pretty good chunks. 

I put her hearing aids in and asked her how my voice sounded? She said I can hear you now really clearly. She had tears in her eyes, then