Why You Do What You Do

We all do stuff right, there is a reason why we do it, in this case, I want to talk about why I do the job that I do. I fit hearing aids and look after people with hearing loss, I fell into the job while I was looking for redemption. I was looking for a path that would allow me to give back, to help. It seemed that Psychology was the thing I could do, it was probably the thing I could do well while helping other people. So I had plumped for a mature student degree in Psychology. While waiting for it to start, I was offered a job selling hearing aids, it was medical in nature, there was education involved and I would be helping people, it ticked all the boxes, so I went for it. 

Why You Do What You Do

First in Private practice, then working for a hearing aid manufacturer, then back to private practice which I am in, to this day. Anyway, enough of the background, what am I here to talk about? 

Teary Eyes

I was in the clinic before Christmas when a Patient came into see me, she has real problems with hearing no matter what, however, her ears were full of wax which completely left her unable the hear. I checked out here hearing aids and looked at the possibility of turning them up to overcome the ear wax blockage, it wasn't happening. So I took another look at her ears, the wax was close to the outer third of her ear canal, so there was a possibility that I could manually remove it. Normally though, we would allow a Patient to use oil drops before we then wash the ear wax out. Or suck it out depending on the contraindications. 

No hearing for Christmas

I suffer from some hearing loss, I think it is because of that I feel perhaps more empathy for people in the same situation. Having said that, I seem to be someone who is blessed or cursed with empathy, I seem to feel much of it. Anyway, I decided that I should at least try to make sure that this woman was not left without hearing for Christmas. I performed some manual manipulation using a specialist forceps and actually got a good hold on the wax in both ears, removing some pretty good chunks. 

I put her hearing aids in and asked her how my voice sounded? She said I can hear you now really clearly. She had tears in her eyes, then I had tears in my eyes, her son was just bemused. I have thought about that appointment several times over the holiday break. The big question has always been why the fuck did I have tears in my eyes? 

The Answer

I have realised that the answer is pretty simple, because of the joy of what I have done. I don't do what I do for money. In fact, I don't make a lot of money. I tend to sell low-end technology and then work hard to ensure it works as well as mid-range technology. I am pretty good at that, I am pretty good at making the technology dance. The joy for me is the success, the fact that the people I work with getting on well. 

Like I said, I will probably never be one of the rich private healthcare providers, but I am exceptionally happy in those moments. If you don't have a job that makes you happy to do what you do, find one. Life is just too short to be stuck with arse. Look to transcend it, find the role that makes you happy, once it pays the bills and you get to be happy, what else matters?

Ebrima Sowe 26/1/2018 · #4

is a pleasure to get you as a friend and to write you here too, well am Ebrima from The Gambia in West Africa is the small and peaceful country in West Africa and its also known as The Smiling Coast, did you know my country or have you ever heard it before?

Well, am here looking a good and honest friendship and hope we could be great friends as i will be very much honored to get to know you more as good friends and a family as well...cuz with good friendship you like to be family...and looking forward to read from you soon

Indeed forward to read from you.

Best wishes,


A good example of having purpose and fulfillment in life. Nice post, @Geoffrey Cooling.

Ken Boddie 7/1/2018 · #2

I hear you, Geoff. 👍

+1 +1
Pascal Derrien 7/1/2018 · #1

Nice one Geoffrev :-)