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Survival Mentality

Survival depends on much more than acquiring a bunch of survival gear and creating an emergency action plan. Those things are important but they pale in comparison to the ability to withstand stress, the ability to adapt, and the possession of a survival mentality. You need to think clearly and not get bogged down in situations that you can’t change. Your survival brain and its ability to operate well under stress is the most important survival tool in your arsenal.

Survival Mentality

Perhaps this article is the first time you have ever delved into survival education, or you could have a library of survival books…it doesn’t matter. For some reason you have decided that there is a real threat to your perceived security and you have taken action to educate yourself. I congratulate you for taking the first steps to being ready. Your survival instincts are now in gear.

Remember those instincts and pay attention to them well…they will go a long way to keeping you alive, said  paypal casino. Develop a state of relaxed awareness when you are out in public. When your mind is in this state you are more connected to your “gut feelings”; which are nothing more than your subconscious mind warning or directing you to take action.

When you encounter a crisis in a state of relaxed awareness you can think clearly and adapt quickly. Situations that would freeze other people will spring you into action. Things that look ordinary to someone who is “asleep” or has victims mentality will look like implements to help you survive. This survival mentality is more valuable than diamonds and gold during a crisis.

Now that you have taken the first steps towards being prepared you need to continue educating yourself about survival and preparedness. The education needs be practical and full of common sense though. The more you study, the more you will understand what lessons apply to your particular circumstances. For instance, someone who lives in the country will forage for food in an entirely different way than someone who is in the city.

By continuing your education and maintaining a high level of common sense you will not feel the pain of a disaster anywhere near as much as your neighbors who ignored all the signals. A note of caution though; not only do you need to continue your research, you need to also practice what you learn. Get yourself some muscle memory by actually making that solar oven and setting those snares. At the very least you need to get acquainted with and use any survival gear that you purchase.

Eventually you will get to the point where you know that you are ready for whatever life can throw at you. You will have acquired knowledge and gear and sharpened the most important tool at your disposal…the survivor mentality.