AnalystPrep – The Ultimate Question Bank

AnalystPrep – The Ultimate Question Bank

AnalystPrep is a new and innovative question bank designed by a team of young entrepreneurs in Montreal. Their mission is to provide you with a useful study guide to help you successfully pass your CFA level 1 exams. They are priced pretty reasonably as well.

The AnalystPrep interface

They have a very responsive platform which has been tested in many android and ios laptops and smartphones. The user interface is very user friendly a small drop down menu in the top right hand corner enables you to shift between the question bank, analytics, mock exam generator and a forum.

The AnalystPrep question bank

Immediately after logging in you are given a multiple choice question paper based off the curriculum, on the left hand side you have a menu with all of the readings in the current curriculum, and this enables you to test yourself in any area of the curriculum as you progress through the readings. 

The AnalystPrep Performance Stats

Whenever you answer a question, the answer is recorded, you can compare your results with the current class studying for the same test. This will allow you to compare your scores with others. You can also see how much time you have spend on each of the 10 topics in a pie chart and how your % of right answers has developed over time, which is a very useful statistic to examine your own progress.

The AnalystPrep moack exams

AnalystPrep has 2 mock exam papers with answer sheets that you can print. This is very helpful as it is advised to replicate exam conditions and you can do so with the mock exams. There is also an option to design your own quiz of either 30,60 or 120 questions which come from the 1500+ question bank. It also includes a timer which will help you time yourself for the exams.

Summing up it has:

-1500+ Questions

- 2 full-length Mock Exams

- Performance Metrics

- Customizable quizzes

- Q&A Forum and Email Support

- Pass Guarantee (1 year extension should you fail the exam)

This doesn’t offer you extensive study materials but would be best recommended for revision, at a very reasonable price.