How to troubleshoot a vacuum cleaner? – what you need to know

How to troubleshoot a vacuum cleaner? – what you need to know

Fixing vacuum cleaner on your own is quite a bold choice rather than buying a new one. If you're using an old one for long, might make think the current vacuum has run much, no more with this old one. A vacuum can often stop working wheatear its new or old but these problems can be fixed easily. So, now we are going to discuss investigating the problems that make the vacuum shut down & what you need to know about fixing these problems.

Firstly, if the motor doesn't start or stops working suddenly then make a complete overview of the vacuum cleaner & find out what could be the probable reasons for not functioning? Very first possible reason can be the supply of electricity. If the electricity port is fine & vacuum turns on then there is no problem.

If not working, then fix the electricity port or try another port. The vacuum runs a large motor inside so easily it can be overheated. for avoiding overheating, you can see the overheating page of the manual. After getting done with the electricity supply, go for a vacuum bag. Empty bags at least once a week & check every time before vacuuming. If bags condition isn’t sound, then replace the bag.  Before going for the next move make sure the vacuum is unplugged from electricity.

If your vacuum is not sucking dirt there could be few possible reasons behind this. Blockage in the hose is one of them, you can use a coat hanger to get rid of hose blockage. Dust cap can be full if you haven't cleaned it for a long time. There are different modes for cleaning your carpet or hard floor. Use specific modes for different things to clean. Use ‘hard floor’ mode while vacuuming carpet fringe or hair.

Keep your dust cap chambers dirt free. Dust can roam everywhere inside the vacuum; foam filter might get blocked or the filter screen can get stuck & may cause a loss of airflow suction. Always keep the filter screen inside of dust cap & keep foam filter installed accurately because it might get displaced due to dirt. if any Accessories like dusting brush, turbo nozzle, crevice too,l, etc. are attached to the vacuum first remove them & clean dirt, debris.

Leak in the hose or maybe punctured by something will normally lose the suction power of your vacuum. If any normal leakage found, wrap it up with plastic tape and use. But if after heavy use too much leakage found better you change the hose.

A common issue with the vacuum cleaner is a broken belt. The belt might get broken or tear apart due to heavy use. Remove the cover plate first from behind the brush & if the condition is not healthy then it's better to replace it. Softly detach the brush from the vacuum body & it will come out easily. While replacing old belt by new attach apart over the drive shaft of the vacuum & another one into the groove of the brush. Having a machine will let you vacuum keeping it on your back. Another thing is you will be able to reach narrow places but still, it might feel a bit tight.

If your motor has fully stopped and all you hear is starting bottom tapping. You might need to change the motor. Opening the motor stinky smell of shellack coated over copper coil & this smell tells the motor is burnt already or just about to burn. And if no stink then goes forward and raise the motor up that air can be passed from the bottom. you will find two-wire leading into the motor mostly black & white or two same colors. Now hot-wire a patch cord & attach a lead to each wire. This should work and if it doesn’t then it should be replaced as soon as possible.

You might also face your vacuum not suctioning but it is blowing air out of the machine. These situation needs to be handled carefully. First, check hose is attached properly to the actual hole. Also check for wads of dirt, balls of the newspaper if gone stuck & changed the direction of airflow. Though this sounds awkward, if happens remove it using the bare hand.  

Your brush roll can get stuck so easily & stop working. If hair, wire, or rope might get clogged with the brush roll. Brush roll also can stop working if the belt is not also placed properly. To run again remove hair, carpet string, or wire &  aware vacuum is turned off or unplugged from electricity.  Make sure brush roll is secure & dirt free.

All these we have discussed so far, are the best possible reasons for your vacuum not working properly. There are also some issues left to be discussed. In case of any short circuit look for any fuse has gone out.

Dusting brush

This accessory is mainly used to clean baseboards, furniture, vent, etc. to use this just press the dusting brush button 3 and slide the brush till the end of the wand.

Turbo Nozzle

This equipment is used to clean stairs or upside dirt. Push nozzle onto the handle. Store turbo nozzle in front of the vacuum. Start vacuuming from the bottom of the stairs not from the top of the stairs due to safety reasons.

Crevice Tool

This tool is used mostly for narrow places, grooves, or tight places. Push tool onto handle till it snugs & stores this tool behind the vacuum.

After Usage Accessories

There will be different buttons to shorten your wand or to slide the dust onto a dust bag. After turning off the wand push it back onto handle till it makes that click sound. Keep all the parts nicely inside a bag.

Troubleshooting problems of the vacuum and repairing it on your own is really a bold decision but it will surely save your money & if you can maintain & replace problems then it will give you mental satisfaction while you are using a vacuum. thank you.

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