Georgia Gables in sleeping tips and tricks Nov 13, 2018 · 1 min read · ~10

How To Stay Awake

Have you ever wanted to know how to stay awake?
Have you ever wondered about the following:

  • How to stay awake in class?
  • How to pull an all-nighter?
  • How to stay awake at work?
  • How to stay awake while driving?
  • How to stay up all night?

If you asked any of these questions before, or something similar, we’re here to help.

An infographic was developed to help you learn how to stay awake in new, creative ways.

There are some basic lifestyle changes you can make to help you stay awake. These changes might not make pulling an all-nighter super easy, but they’ll give you the energy you need to go throughout your day.

Here are two changes you can make to have more energy throughout your day: live healthier and keep it rare and appropriate.

As you’ll see in this infographic, most of the unconventional hacks to help you stay awake share one of the following three things in common: get your blood flowing, biohack your body, and take advantage of tech.

Now that you know a little bit about why these tricks work, take a look at the tricks themselves and give them a try. We’re sure that these will help you stay up late, even if they’re a bit unconventional:

How To Stay Awake