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If HR Tools Had Hearts; Here's the Professional Profile From Mine

If HR Tools Had Hearts; Here's the Professional Profile From Mine

Recently, a former student of mine approached me in a local supermarket; saying that they just wanted to thank me; that even though (at the time) they didn't always grasp the surface content and/or deeper meaning of my lectures --they did think I was a cool person, and one of their favorite professors/teachers during their time in school. I am always moved by such encounters; and never take them for granted. Here's why:

Ultimately, even though I have been working in academia for over a decade, I am as fascinated and passionate about my chosen field of Behavioral Neuropharmacology as I was as an undergraduate and graduate student.

I have considered it a privilege to be able to continue working in university and medical school settings; teaching, and contributing to our shared understanding of the principles of Behavioral Neuropharmacology via engagement in both collaborative and original research spanning multiple levels of analysis from complex behavioral measurement to more molecular phenomena such as in vitro receptor binding assays, single neuronal electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, fluorescence, etc. ­­and more recently, (harnessing the possibilities offered by modern imaging techniques such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Optogenetics, etc.) simultaneous, real time measurement of pharmacologically induced alterations in both biochemical and behavioral phenomena.

My rejoinder to the former student is still fresh in my mind:

“I probably don't need to tell you this, but It often happens in higher education that policy makers, university board members, and administrators have a different vision than what I (as you may recall) refer to as ‘facultystudents’. My vision has always been education; devoting my energy to:

1) developing a love of learning in students and

2) strengthening my own love of that feeling of ‘leaning a bit too far back in one's chair’; that first step on the way to learning something new.” I went on to say that “even though these are uncertain times for traditional higher education --and I continually keep on top of the latest developments in psychology and neuroscience, I am also considering opportunities with younger people, in the areas of STEM or STEAM education --toward the goal of making a difference in students before they even get to college.

I am also open to pursuing opportunities in the environmental industry in research, education, or education in non-traditional settings, i.e., adapting what I've learned in comparative neuroscience in the lab to the ‘real world’, i.e., into the field; studying various animal species and how they are affected by, and respond to rapidly changing conditions in their traditional habitats --in zoos, estuaries, nature preserves and other ‘atypical classrooms’...In fact I would be extremely grateful if you keep me in mind if you hear of any opportunities in any of these areas.”

Later I realized that I couldn't have said it better myself; I already had.

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Joel Anderson Jun 29, 2018 · #53

And in the essence of end-states. In the context of this post, is there ever one?

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Joel Anderson Jun 29, 2018 · #52

@Gerald Hecht I keep coming back to this one for some reason. I dont know if it is because of the choice and symbol of the image in context to the post and ensuring comments, or it is the comments, tied to the post and linked to a compelling image. Regardless, I am glad that i keep seeing this resurface as it not only underscores the goodness that you contribute, but also makes one think about things like purpose, method and end-state. How much preparation and past experiences led to this interaction, this momentary exchange between a student and teacher scholar. And maybe just as important. What is propelling each to the future?

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Louise Smith Jun 29, 2018 · #50

#44 Remember them fondly & pass on what you have learnt
That will bring them joy wherever they are

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Louise Smith Jun 29, 2018 · #49

This is a really good topic because many of the bees who contribute as represented in the comments of this buzz
are both qualified or NATURAL Teachers & Leaders whether they realise it or not.

We all like learning, we all like exploring, we are all creative & we all like sharing these attributes
Thank you everyone !

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Louise Smith Jun 29, 2018 · #48

The highest praise a teacher can have is when their past students see them out in the community
those students don't turn & quickly run away
come up to you & smile & tell you what a difference you made in their lives
either directly or by telling you that they are successful members of society !

Well Done You !

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Louise Smith Jun 29, 2018 · #47

If teachers stopped teaching society would come to a standstill

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Louise Smith Jun 29, 2018 · #46

@Gerald Hecht I spent 30 years of my life teaching in actual schools

Firstly - Primary School all subjects as there were no specialist teachers in those days
& Special education ages 5 - 18yo incl deaf, deaf & blind, autistic, apserger's, intellectual, physical, emotional, speech & auditory processing disorders, undiagnosed mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, anxiety, OCD, Complex Trauma, Child Abuse (all kinds)
& every combination of those disabilities that you can & you can't imagine.

Secondly - teaching Japanese, English, Social Science & Health to High School Students 12 - 19yo of more than 30 different cultural backgrounds & the whole spectrum of academic ability from no communication to brilliant students who went to the top National unis in Australia not just in my state.

Now as you may recall I am a psychologist

Really I am still teaching people of all ages & all of the conditions mentioned above plus addiction, suicidality & all of the conditions in DSM5

So even now teaching is very much a part of who I am -inescapable really

I REALLY love your buzz !!!!

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