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Old Songs and Marketing Techniques Never Die --They Just Fade (or not) Away

Old Songs and Marketing Techniques Never Die --They Just Fade (or not) Away

Once upon a time there was an A&M/Promotions guy at Decca Records UK Division who passed on signing a "guitar group from Liverpool" in 1962, claiming that "guitar groups will be completely out of fashion by the end of the year"...

...they were signed by EMI/Capital. They were called The Beatles.

A few months later a five piece group completely devoted to mastering the sound of their idols...(American Chicago Blues Musicians Primarily) auditioned for Decca... the aforementioned talent acquisition/development guy was not about to repeat his mistake.

This London based Chicago Blues band, was fortunate, the talent acquisition guy was a 19 year old (and unbeknownst to himself) marketing genius and soon to be manager/secret weapon.

(Full disclosure: I have NO experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, or anything more than paying my rent on time -- SO WHAT?)

I believe that this 19 year old (in1962-1963) guy...Andrew Loog Oldham IS the rightful father of "stealth marking" (a series of tricks and schemes that wouldn't even have a label for decades).

He had to make his boys stand out in stark contrast to the "uniformed, polite lads from Liverpool", for maximum impact!

It may, in fact, be considered by future generations to be: “ONLY ROCK AND ROLL"...if so --screw the future generations!

If so, the completely legal, pioneering marketing techniques of Andrew Loog Oldham will still stand with the BEST of them (especially considering the limited media channels he had to work with at the time).

Closing with an example:

1) The exclusive Mayfair (or whatever) Hotel in London WILL NOT ALLOW ENTRY TO ANYONE IN IMPROPER, TASTELESS ATTIRE!

2) Tell your “blues boys” to go through their dirty laundry and put on the grubbiest, ripped, cigarette burned, ill fitting clothes they can find and meet at the Mayfair Hotel for tea at 4pm.

3) Phone the "News of the World, The Telegraph, BBC Tele, etc., and tell them that the ROLLING STONES are having tea at the MAYFAIR HOTEL, at 3:45pm --SHARP! (Reporters: "Bring your photographers --I think Paul and John are coming as well!!")

4) In the ensuing chaos, policemen and hysterical, screaming girls, etc., Andrew Loog Oldham finds EVERY SINGLE JOURNALIST and gives them the headline (written down on paper so they don't forget).



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Oh it will happen @Praveen Raj Gullepalli surely as the wheel's still in spin

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#23 Ahh!...But still no my Sainted Aunt! ;)

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#22 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli progress is being made...grammys, oscars, kennedy center honors, mark twain awards...nobel thingies...

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#21 Someone sure is listening somewhere Sirrah...but let's keep chippin' at it bit by bit. bit by hit...

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#20 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli A true sir...he is. We have agreed on this and yet our petitions remain unanswered at this time...hmmm

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#17 Gotcha Mr.Tambo! ;) the Knighted Zimmerman!

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#13 Ha!! @Nick Mlatchkov It truly is only rock and roll! Great to bee back in the Circus

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#11 Thank you @Nick Mlatchkov ! I too was on Hejira !