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Psychic Or Psychotic

Psychic Or Psychotic

A person who happens to be both an accomplished musician and a skilled craftsman; (able to make exquisite Woodwind instruments by hand) decides to make a clarinet/recorder/flute of the proper dimensions as to ensure that every musical note played on it will be "transposed" to notes whose sound frequencies are so high (above 30,000kz), that no human being on earth is able to hear anything that is played on it.

Every single dog on earth (with normal canine hearing), however, will easily be able to hear every note that is played on it...

...this person then composes a piece of music; a piece of music specifically written for this unique musical instrument.

They are so pleased with the quality of their composition, that they let their enthusiasm get the best of them, rushing out to play it to everyone they know (friends, family, fellow musicians, fellow composers, their therapist/Psychiatrist); asking them what they think --after making them sit through a performance of the 20 min. piece (in three movements)...

...they are are so enraged at the "negative response" from everyone who they played it for, that they start "acting out", insulting and even threatening their "culturally ignorant" friends, family, fellow musicians, fellow composers, their therapist/Psychiatrist...

...the odds are that they will end up in a psychiatric hospital; displaying symptoms of delusional thought disorder, auditory hallucinations, finally diagnosed as psychotic and given a DSM V diagnosis of some subtype of either schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

They could conceivably end up being Institutionalized for a very long time --and placed on a regimen of antipsychotic medications.

Nobody ever consulted his dog.


I think sometimes we should ask ourselves: what information in the world may exist "right on the line" --right at the threshold of our sensory systems' abilities to "see", "hear", "smell", "taste", "touch"; only accessible if we are giving that information our complete, undivided attention.

What may be the consequences of sensing and perceiving it versus failing to do so?

At the end of the day, I wonder how many people would hear the VOCAL which is continuously repeating the title of this song ---if I hadn't mentioned that the song is NOT an instrumental?

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#95 @Phillip Hubbell I wish to learn how to "subtlefy" my metaphors; practice the sophisticated sarcasm I noticed when I first posted on Social would be like 10 min... and then --"Oh man; they so busted me!"

Phillip Hubbell Oct 11, 2016 · #95

sometimes the metaphor can be too subtle.

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Gerald Hecht Aug 29, 2016 · #94

#92 @Melissa Hefferman well, the Universe runs in accordance with mathematical principles; whether we understand them or not; I to, am making the effort (as best I can) 📐📏⚖📠🗜

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Good enough for me and understandable nonetheless #90

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#86 @Mohammad Azam Khan thank welcome you're too!

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#85 @Mark Anthony At this point I'm somewhere between uncertainty, doubt and sleep 🛌

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#84 @CityVP Manjit I think for me that is true as well...but I needed a visual 📸, lol!

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