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The Bravais Lattice; 100% Algorithm Free...100% Readership Guaranteed

The Bravais Lattice; 100% Algorithm Free...100% Readership Guaranteed

Preface: Jim Murray and Phil Friedman have been credited by some with pioneering the two-writer conversational format on LinkedIn and later on beBee. Which is by no means hyperbole or exaggeration.

This installment sees a further evolution of the concept, namely, an expansion of participants in the conversation to four, adding Don Kerr and Kevin Pashuk for this conversation.

The idea is to increase the diversity of opinion, in the service of continuing to demonstrate that writers who like and respect one another can, nevertheless, disagree and engage in genuine disagreement and discussion.

So, without further ado, you now have synergy. You now have: “(HE SAID...HE SAID) ^2”.

Gerald Hecht 8/4/2017 · #60

#58 @Phil Friedman of course not --It's Gumbo and Jambalaya for all good bees; wherever we bee!

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Gerald Hecht 8/4/2017 · #59

#57 @Ian Weinberg ahh that's the jambalaya; I'm fixin'to get ready to make some of that too! Gumbo and Jambalaya for all the bees --yummy!

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Phil Friedman 7/4/2017 · #58

#54 #55 @Gerald Hecht > "... many remain silent on the issue...or worse still, embrace it." Thank you Gerry and @Ian Weinberg, I was beginning to sink into a solipsistic funk, thinking that the situation is but a figment of my brain activity -- or lack thereof. Now, I realize that it's not, nor is @Jim Murray. Cheers!

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Ian Weinberg 7/4/2017 · #57

#56 We gotta share gumbo @Gerald Hecht Life's too short to get bogged down with bullshit. Create and spread it and we'll all merrily partake.

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Gerald Hecht 7/4/2017 · #56

#55 @Ian Weinberg Louisiana has taught me a most treasured skill; the sublime (yet physically exhausting) art of making, sharing and donating gumbo!
There nothing more beautiful than the feeling that one gets upon seeing others enjoying one's gumbo!
It is a real treat if you get a break and play guitar in between batches!

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Ian Weinberg 7/4/2017 · #55

#54 absolutely essential for the viability of this site that you spew right hemisperal foam and that the likes of @Phil Friedman and @Jim Murray hammer away and stir the complacency.

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Gerald Hecht 7/4/2017 · #54

#53 I have to say @Ian Weinberg that I too have noticed a "seismic shift";

it feels like the part in Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life", when Clarence granted Jimmy Stewart's wish "that he never was born"...and the place turns into an alternate universe..."Pottersville", I think it was called.
it sucks because I really liked the place...and hope for a renaissance. Since I don't want to give up on it yet; I shall bend it back into's starting to work!

My sanity is being questioned; followers drop one's take their they must also (through mysterious mechanisms) see that perhaps they made a mistake.
Eventually, it will be like before --only bigger! What say we join forces? I understand if you don't have the time, etc. I really don't either...but "Pottersville beBee" just SUCKS!

I want the original beBee --the real beBee; and I can only act like a lunatic for so long, without at least being paid scale...and having a "paparazzi squad" of 5 or 6 (I think somebody sent a new one to handle the "tail the vehicle detail")...but yes, you are correct.

We aren't the only people who have noticed...but many remain silent on the issue...or worse still, embrace it.

Ian Weinberg 7/4/2017 · #53

#50 @Gerald Hecht a genuine inter-hemispheral hug is worth 1000 corpi callosa! Talking about right hemishperes Gerald, is it just my intuitive hunch or has the landscape vibe really changed upon these beBee pages? Seems to have lost some buzz. Is it local, global or did I just Hebb beyond?

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