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Preface: Jim Murray and Phil Friedman have been credited by some with pioneering the two-writer conversational format on LinkedIn and later on beBee. Which is by no means hyperbole or exaggeration.

This installment sees a further evolution of the concept, namely, an expansion of participants in the conversation to four, adding Don Kerr and Kevin Pashuk for this conversation.

The idea is to increase the diversity of opinion, in the service of continuing to demonstrate that writers who like and respect one another can, nevertheless, disagree and engage in genuine disagreement and discussion.

So, without further ado, you now have synergy. You now have: “(HE SAID...HE SAID) ^2”.

Phil Friedman 28/10/2016 · #41

#40 Or so quickly dead. I am feeling today like half a Dynamic Duo -- or perhaps a Duet -- with some echos of Mack the Knife playing in the background. ( )

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Gerald Hecht 28/10/2016 · #40

#39 @Phil Friedman yeah some mathematical concepts are problematic; "if someone gave you a penny and then doubled it the next day (two-pennies; is that the that was three I think)...etc...people can't believe they can get so rich so quick

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Phil Friedman 28/10/2016 · #39

#38 You know, Gerald, that if we continue along the path of geometric progression with (((HSHS)^2)^2) and so on, we will soon arrive at the point in online interchange that is precisely where LinkedIn groups were ... before LI completely destroyed them by eliminating many of the tools that group managers needed in order to create and maintain meaningful in-group discussion.

Hmmm, thinking about it, LI groups in their early configuration represented a significant form of Affinity Networking. Which makes it all the more perplexing to have seen LinkedIn destroy them. Oh Well. Cheers!

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Gerald Hecht 27/10/2016 · #38

#37 @Michele Williams I thought that @Randy Keho and @Aurorasa Sima had started one... I was thinking about starting a "I said; I said thingie"; but then I was afraid that (the other) I might find out too much.

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Michele Williams 27/10/2016 · #37

#7 It's a great format that I always enjoy. I can't wait for four voices and 16 or more opinions. Nothing like a joust. But don't forget a "She said, she said" version.

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Gerald Hecht 1/10/2016 · #36

#34 @Randy Keho We gotta keep together --like when we got Aerosmith to show up in Aurora...

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