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What Is A Bee?

What Is A Bee?

A bee is someone who is loving and kind, and seems to always know what troubles your mind.

A bee always listens, suggests, and defends --a bee is usually one of your best friends!

Though proud of your triumphs, when things do go wrong, a bee is patient and helpful and strong.

I n all that you do, a bee’s love plays a part --There's always a place for for a the depths of your heart.

With each year that passes, ever more do you see, how grateful you are to your guardian bee.

Thank you, bee…for listening and caring, giving and sharing, and now, and now although old, complaints never airing...I love you bee...more than you know; please bee --don't ever leave me; don't ever go…


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Gerald Hecht Apr 8, 2017 · #72

Thank you kindly for @Claire L Cardwell and "4 others" (according to the message I received) for sharing!

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Gerald Hecht Apr 8, 2017 · #71

Oh @Jim 🐝 Cody and @Pascal Derrien like two sides of a two; I'd better not use it for "flipping/call it the air" situations!

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#56 @you too @Claire L Cardwell! Buzz on!

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Thank you @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman 👢👢🌈💫🕶

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Gerald Hecht Apr 8, 2017 · #68

@Milos Djukic @Praveen Raj Gullepalli thank you two guys for your comment and lively humorous wordplay --always the most clever!

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Milos Djukic Apr 8, 2017 · #67

What Is A Bee? :)

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Milos Djukic Apr 8, 2017 · #66

#65 Yap Gullepalli, my friend naturallyyy :)

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Apr 8, 2017 · #65

#64 Dang! My name does rhyme with ..naturallyyy! ;)

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