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I think that a large majority of Americans (or at least certain overly influential demographic groups) have a misunderstanding of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution (part of the first 10 amendments which are known as the "Bill of Rights").

Specifically, the 2nd Amendment was written and ratified in 1792. This was the period in between the American Revolution (against Britain) and The War of 1812.

Following the Revolutionary War (beginning with various protests against the British Empire's implementation of taxation policies regarding importing /exporting of goods from the American Colonies in which the British refused to allow even a single colonial representative to witness, let alone debate/cast a vote on the approval of these taxes in the British Parliament), and culminating with the events following the formal Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in 1776.

The American Colonies won this war for Independence, of course, and a new nation, known as the United States of America was born...held a convention which drafted a Constitution and a rather unique, "scientifically engineered" government with various counterbalances (much like a clockwork) designed to preclude a “dictatorship/monarchy thingie” (i.e., a chief executive position with a term of 4 years, two legislative branches, one which would serve a 2 year term, the other a 6 year term, etc.) to prevent "everything changing at once"...thus minimizing the likelihood of a "dictatorship situation"...

...HOWEVER, this new nation knew very well that the mighty British Empire and it's Mighty NAVAL FLEET were far from "FINISHED"...they might decide to have "another go" at us!

HENCE, THE SECOND AMENDMENT of 1792...which actually did serve its purpose...such as allowing Andrew Jackson to put together a ragtag militia "on the fly" in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 --which pretty much put the British Fleet out of business and secured the future evolution of the USA…

...However, a large number of Americans somehow mistook the 1792 Amendment as meaning that all Americans should be free to run around with guns like a bunch of depraved criminally insane monsters. 

We are of course, demonstrating to the world that we are.

We Americans are THE role models for RADICAL/WANNABE THEOCRACIES, TECHNOCRACIES, etc., around the globe…

...including the most entertaining WANNABE OF THEM ALL (drum roll) our very own DONALD “I’M WINNING” TRUMP.

The sad part, of course, is that the loudest voices defending the 1792 “build-a-militia-on-the-fly-to-protect-our-new-nation-from-its-imperialist-enemies" HAVE NO IDEA WHAT “1792” WAS (they aren't as old as I am)!!

it is these ignorant, loud, aggressive dimwits who have created (and are making worse everyday) the current gun violence problem in America…

...and spreading the "construct/contagion” to the aforementioned wannabes via Twitter and YouTube, etc. at an exponentially accelerating speed.



1) DON'T make it a habit to dare people to shoot you (I may have broken this one myself...a nice exemplar on why I don't like to write).

2) Practice "hitting the dirt" quickly following exposure to sudden, loud percussive stimuli (timing “misfires” in multi cylinder 4 stroke combustion engines, thunder, etc.) to sharpen the reflexes.

3) I do consultations (by appointment only) in which I teach extremely effective “tricks” to make all but the most determined and expert shooters ever "get one in”.


dedicated to John Lennon who I watched get shot to death from no more than 50 yards distance on an unusually warm evening December 8th, 1980 with college friends J.D. , and K. and B. S. (Identical twins) --no cellphones then; Liat's mom Jane got my phone call before subsequent breakdown and "two year medical leave" from University Studies...



(Copyright c all rights reserved Gerald Hecht, Ph.D. July 2016). Violators will be shot on sight.

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@Gerald Hecht Wishing you a fabulous 2018 Sending you a big hug and loads of happiness

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@Gerald Hecht wishing you all the best for 2018.

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Claire L Cardwell Sep 23, 2017 · #157

They have more of a 'laissez faire' attitude on the side of the planet where I stay. More of a NIMBIST attitude really, gun fire in the near distance elicits the response of a 'pause,' a listen, then a wry smile 'nothing for us to worry about tonight', let's have another piece of wors from the braai fire.... (I am only allowed to play with bows and arrows... Must go out and sharpen some sticks.)

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#151 @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee at the time I didn't think anyone would read it...and plus I don't know anyone who hates to write...I'm not sure you can have such a person; I don't anyone who can make through a day without writing something down; that's why I chose an acoustic guitar as my "whoa is me"/discipline thingie...most people I know don't play a guitar everyday, until something new "kicks in"...

...and yet the "parapherneliac/regalia inertia stuff" is usually within anyone's budget --picks/strings/pegs...a little more effort than new pencils/ink --but still no excuse not to....still more effort than "writing everyday".

I'm serious about this (well almost) --who can make through the day without "jotting something down"?

But tuning up, and letting fly with:

"Ahhh cahn't forgits appointment with the barrister at fo o'clock...or the river gonna take me to supernatural trouble; an that mean ole' cyclops ---baybeee"

Man if everyone did that everyday.; well you

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#152 @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee Oh, It absolutely is a Cot!

Gerald Hecht Jun 24, 2017 · #154

#153 @Randall Burns thank you sir; yeah --I keep remembering the situation...ya never know though--one of the Groundhog may really just be bad dream ...every morning; the thingie plays the Donald Fagen/Todd Rundgren "Tin Foil Hat", song and I step in a puddle and my running shoe dissolves

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Randall Burns Jun 8, 2017 · #153

Good read @Gerald Hecht Great Guidelines! And it is interesting watching things unfold from up here in Canada, I do empathize with your situation.

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