Fears grow over Wi-Fi security risks at hotels and holiday resorts.

The Daily Mail  recently  shocked readers with news  of Wi-Fi security risks at Center Parcs. The article reported that children staying at Center Parcs could access porn as the Wi-Fi network is unfiltered. Companies like Center Parcs are coming under increasing pressure to ensure their Wi-Fi networks are family-friendly. Center Parcs is a European holiday village chain catering to more than 1.6 million people each year, many of whom are minors. Does offering  Wi-Fi access imply any obligation to protect minors? 

According to the reports Center Parcs have no Wi-Fi filters at any of its five UK sites and said it was up to parents to install filters on devices. But is it? Do holiday parks, hotels, restaurants and other businesses offering Wi-Fi access have an obligation to ensure that only safe and appropriate sites can be accessed by users? A hotel or campsite certainly can’t claim to be family friendly if they allow porn or illegal websites to be accessed on their Wi-Fi network Public Wi-Fi hotspots are increasingly used to access pornography and share illegal content.

These hotspots offer a degree of anonymity  making them attractive locations to access and share such content.  Only by blocking access to illegal and inappropriate material can restaurants and other providers of free public Wi-Fi ensure minors are protected. Starbucks and McDonalds start filtering Wi-Fi traffic to block porn Starbucks and McDonalds have recently started filtering their Wi-Fi traffic to block porn and other inappropriate or illegal websites. 

 By introducing web filters these companies have taken responsibility to make their public spaces safe for kids. Now these two major chains have decided to block porn access on Wi-Fi networks, other smaller chains are expected to follow.Center Parcs has come under criticism for failing to offer a similar family-friendly Wi-Fi at its holiday resorts. Flexible Wi-Fi protection WebTitan can help organizations like Center Parcs. 

 We already work with service companies like  Dave & Busters, Chillis to offer secure filtered Wi-Fi to their customers. Take a look at how the iconic retail store Selfridges  have implemented Wi-Fi filtering to ensure guests can’t access malicious sites or view inappropriate content while using the in-store Wi-Fi network. These threats range from inadvertently visiting a dangerous malware laden site or other inappropriate or illegal sites.

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Fears grow over Wi-Fi security risks at hotels and holiday resorts.