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BeBee Comments in Home Languages

BeBee Comments in Home Languages

I am pleasantly surprised every time I receive a comment on a post in my home language. Perhaps others would also like a remark in their home language every so often. Below are four basic English comments, with the foreign translations following in sequence. 

Of course, if you want to give a more lengthy comment, there is Google Translate, which may not always pick up the correct colloquialisms, but it's probably good for basic translations. 

If anything below is incorrect or amiss, please let me know so I can edit. On the last phrase - even if we all live far apart, isn't an invitation for coffee a global gesture of friendship?


Thank you.

Very good post.

I agree with you.

Let’s have a coffee.


Spanish - spoken by Javier 🐝 beBee, and many others. 


Muy buena publicación.

Estoy de acuerdo contigo.

Vamos a tener un café.

Croatian - spoken by  Lada 🏡 Prkic 

Hvala vam.

Vrlo dobar post.

Slažem se s tobom.

Popijmo kavu.

Serbian - spoken by  Milos Djukic 

Hvala vam.

Vrlo dobar post.

Slažem se sa tobom.

Hajde da popijemo kafu n post.

French - spoken by Pascal Derrien and Hervé Sabattier 

Je vous remercie.

Très bo

Je suis d'accord avec toi.

Prenons un café.

Bengali - home language of Debasish Majumder the "Kabi"


Khuba bhāla pōsṭa.

Āmi āpanāra sāthē ēkamata.

Āsuna ēkaṭi kaphi  āchē

Portuguese - any active Portuguese Bees out there?


Muito bom post.

Eu concordo com você.

Vamos tomar um café.

Arabic - for Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

shukraan lakum.

maqala jayyia jiddan.

'ana 'atafiq maeak.

daena nishrab ealaa alqahwati.

Japanese - courtesy of Louise Smith

Domo arigato gozaimasu.

Totemo yokatta.

Hai, so omoimasu.

Sake o nomi ni ikou!

Afrikaans - Ian Weinberg and Chris 🐝R Guest who both "talk the tale."


Baie goeie pos.

Ek stem saam met jou.

Kom ons gaan drink 'n koffie.

Hindi - one of many languages spoken by Savvy Raj and Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 


bahut achchhee post.

main aapase sahamat hun.

chalo kofee peete hain.

Queen's English -  Lisa Vanderburg, does anyone still speak like this?

Grateful to you my dear Sir / Lady.

I say, I say, old chap, this is quite simply marvelous.

At the risk of being utterly presumptuous, I fully concur with your sublime musings.

Let’s have a cup of tea, shall we?

Scottish English - from Ken Boddie the Scotsman down under. 

Cheers ma dears.

Braw story.

Ah gree wi’ ye.

Let’s gang for a wee dram.

American English - my take on US English. I'm sure Phil Friedman will correct me :)


Cool post.

Bang on the money!

Catch ya' at Starbucks.

Australian English - especially for Louise Smith and Ken Boddie!


Heaps good post.

Fair dinkum.

Let’s have a beer, mate!

Or you can simply use the expression understood by just about everyone:


(Image: Michael Tompsett)

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little jackson Sep 28, 2020 · #55

I realize that this content is worth to read. I expect to see more posts from that makes me impressed just like this one. Good job!!

Record Mammoth Apr 16, 2020 · #54

You are better as many languages you can speak. I try to do my best in portuguese, italian, french, spanish and english. I would like to learn a 6th one.

🐝 Fatima G. Williams Aug 12, 2018 · #53

Baie goeie pos @Gert Scholtz. I love this idea of commenting in the authors native language and then perhaps complete the comment in English. A great way of opening our mind to new languages :)

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Milos Djukic Aug 12, 2018 · #52

#49 @Gert Scholtz, It was not necessary, but thank you anyway :) I like this post very much and also grateful for your kindness, loyalty and commitment to all of us.

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Milos Djukic Aug 12, 2018 · #51

#44 @Lada 🏡 Prkic, Pokazalo se da su mješanci neretko najbolji, najlepši i najuspešniji, a evo i labavih dokaza :-)

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Gert Scholtz Aug 11, 2018 · #49

@Milos Djukic I have now updated the post and included Serbian as well - which as you mentioned is very close to Croatian. The only phrase that seems to differ is the invitation for coffee:) Many thanks for your comment stream to the post, Milos!

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