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BeBee Producer: One Hundred Posts

BeBee Producer: One Hundred Posts

This is my 100th BeBee Producer post.

Over the last year and a half, I have written on a variety of interests. Some posts have been expository, some introspective, others light-hearted. A few have been on travel, many on writing, a selection on music, various on my country, a cluster on athletics, and a quite a number on the platform and people of BeBee. 

Whatever the theme, I learn by transcribing impressions onto more permanence, each piece is a little journey into awareness and each post leaves a trace of what I experience. I have enjoyed them all. 

The BeBee engagement went beyond my expectations. 

And for that I am encouraged, enriched and grateful. 

Thank you for your participation; your every comment, relevant and share gave me a buzz and makes BeBee such a great place to share thoughts, impressions and experiences. 

Thank you Javier, Juan and team for establishing the inspiring social media platform that is BeBee. You have given me, and many others, a valuable portal to an international online community. 

Which left me wondering about the origins of the expression...

The phrase "thank you" originally derives from the old English word “thancian” which is similar to “think". 

"Thancian" was “a thought” and socially it took on a broader meaning: "a favorable thought of goodwill". 

In time the sentiment of the phrase commonly meant “a kindly thought towards another for favor received". 

The origin of “thank you” in English can be paraphrased to “I think of you favorably for what you have done".

In Spanish the word “gracias” comes from the Latin phrase “gratias agere” which is to "express gratitude". 

The Portuguese word “obrigado” is also derived from Latin, from “obligo” which is to “bind in obligation". 

In French, the modern use of “merci” originates from the old French “mercit” meaning “gift" or “kindness". 

The old German "thancōn" lead to "danken". In Afrikaans we say “dankie” more from the Dutch “dank je”.

I see the convention of expressing goodwill as distinctive about BeBee. 

On BeBee gratitude is conveyed often and by many.  

In all its many meanings then...

Thank you 

Gert Scholtz 

🐝 Fatima G. Williams 21/10/2017 · #28

Gert, you know how much we love reading everything you share with us.You've shared so much about your country and the people, about writing, about some great bees and so on. Thank you for giving us some great stories and awesome reads and for always giving. Looking forward to 200 ( Cheers)

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Aleta Curry 14/10/2017 · #27

Good on ya, Gert! Don't stop - we love reading yer stuff!

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 14/10/2017 · #26

Congrats Gert! You have written on a variety of subjects, but mostly you put others in the spotlight. Thank you for that.

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Jerry Fletcher 13/10/2017 · #25

Gert, I appreciate what you did here. Often it is the thing right in front of us that we don't see. Well done!

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Congratulations @Gert Scholtz, and thank you for your excellent contributions. I love your headliner graphic.

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"Thancian" @Gert Scholtz. Your contributions have undeniable value

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Ian Weinberg 13/10/2017 · #21

Mooi skoot en dankie Oom @Gert Scholtz A solid and consistent pillar of inspiration!

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