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Six Word Stories

Six Word Stories

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway once won a short story competition with a sad tale of only six words: "Baby shoes; for sale. Never worn". 

Larry Smith, a magazine founder, asked readers to submit their life stories online in six words. He received more than a million responses, and from it published a few books, one of which became a New York Times bestseller. 

Schoolteachers and lecturers use the format to teach how to write concisely. HarperCollins created a teacher's guide to encourage the six word memoir form as a tool for teaching.

So why am I telling this? 

For no specific reason other than I find it intriguing; the thumbnail format of using only a few select words. Searching around here are a few that caught my eye. 

Blues singer haunted by happy past.

loop. Help, I’m trapped in a

Sensitive kleptomaniacs always take things literally.

Scientists develop first atomic bomb. Again.

I’m beside myself. Cloning machine works!

Living in existential vacuum; it sucks.

Rapunzel! I am slipping! A wig?!

Torched the haystack. Found the needle.

We connect better with no wi-fi.

Last man on earth: knock, knock?

Thinking of it, there actually is a reason for my writing this. Blog posts are getting ever shorter and some on BeBee are no longer writing in any long form at all. With the coming tide of short form posts, I thought to have a tryout in the future format. My new maxim: 

Ponder. Write short. Be clear. Polish. Post. 

Ahh well...that's seven words...still working on brevity...

Claire L Cardwell 24/6/2018 · #36

Great post @Gert Scholtz!

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John Rylance 22/6/2018 · #35

 Six words that say so much.
I really don't care do U 
A coat that said it all

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 22/6/2018 · #34

This is super cool @Gert Scholtz Funny comments Stellar post The Beginning!

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Aleta Curry 30/5/2018 · #33

Great, Gert - and the rest of you are making me laugh. I'm not even going to *try* to keep up with you! :)

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Marianne Naughton 28/5/2018 · #32

Leave it to Ernest to win, thanks for great read Gert. I think the six word is harder than whole article story, ha

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Edward Lewellen 21/5/2018 · #31

Very entertaining, @Gert Scholtz! I'm stealing this one: "Sensitive kleptomaniacs always take things literally."

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Ken Boddie 18/5/2018 · #30

,,,,, and then there’s......
Short and slick,
Does the trick.
..... or else .....
A rhyme in time is fine.
..... or how about .....
So many words, so little time.

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Randall Burns 17/5/2018 · #29

Limited by six
pick up sticks

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