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Content marketing: why is it the real king?

Content marketing: why is it the real king?

There is something very important I want to talk about. It's something that every digital company starts to understand. Or, I hope so. People visit websites for its contents!  What a revolutionary idea!

You know, apparently everybody knows what happens on digital environment, but, trust me, it's not that obvious.

So many companies invest in advertising, technical developement, design, UX, relax zone, toboggans and parties. Not in content marketing. Why? They believe they don't need an extra effort on content.

They're absolutely wrong! To add interest and create something awesome, you need to give to a community/users/clients something unique, an added value.

Why are you surfing this site? Are you looking for new shoes to buy? No, you are looking for something interesting to read (thank you!). The content!

The main idea here is "content is king".

Don’t be afraid, this doesn't mean you (entrepreneur) need to dismiss all your employees and stay only with marketers (what a terrible world!). No, you simply have to give more value to your content department!

In other words, stop to invest only in design, UX or tech developement. The appearance can capture at the beginning. Never underestimate the power of your content!

Ok, I can imagine your face and you thinking "oh yes, and why should I give more importance to the content?"

I have a lot of reasons, but I want to show you only the main three benefits, just to give you something to think about.

Why the king?

1 - Costumers are yet invulnerable. They are bombarded with so many more adverts, messages and emails than ever before. And, what's the result? Minimal. Content marketing is more powerful because it's precisely adapted to their interests and needs. They receive what they want.

2. Great engagementGood content endures and this fact helps you to reinforce the connection between your customers/users and your brand. Content marketing has a long-lasting effect as high-quality content attracts users to continue visiting, using and interacting.

3. Content marketing helps businesses to reach corporate objectives. For example, it could increase the name recognition, and, at the same time help you to create a community. The customers (or users) are impressed by the content provided, so it's more probable to create a connection, that means conversions and money for a company.

Are you still not convinced?

A recent survey asked 600 marketing professionals what they thought were the most important digital marketing trends for 2015. Content marketing was the number one answer with 29.6% – ahead of other hot topics like big data (14.6%), marketing automation (12.8%), mobile marketing (11.0%), and social media marketing (8.9%). Other research found that 63% of companies say posting on social media increased their marketing effectiveness. Companies with blogs attract more inbound links, and blogs on company websites tend to attract more visitors.

Also, it would be nice if you had a look at your content department. They can help you to save money and help your business! Work on quality contents! Remember you have to work with professionals and not with random people.

In conclusion, now it’s your turn. Take a look at your team and work hard on the content! 

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Giampiero Vilardi May 8, 2017 · #12

#11 You're welcome @Louise Smith!

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Louise Smith May 6, 2017 · #11

I am trying to learn about this. Thanks @Giampiero Vilardi for such a clear explanation.

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Steve Jones Apr 13, 2017 · #10

I 100% agree that Content, relevant Content, is vital. Even more so with the impact of #GDPR in May 2018. but...and its a very big but, remember how the Content fits in the buyers journey, ie Content must have Context. It should Entertain, Inspire, Educate or Convince - all dependent upon where your buyer is in their buying cycle.

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Giampiero Vilardi Feb 16, 2017 · #9

#6 & #7 Thank you so much! @Miguel López de la Oliva: I'm sure you can do it!

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Sophie Perrin Feb 16, 2017 · #8

Great producer @Giampiero Vilardi ! You've just summed up my thoughts :)

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Miguel 🐝 López Oliva Feb 16, 2017 · #6

Nice post, Gianpiero. This reforce my thoughts, one day I would like to develop my proyect about content centric.

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Javier 🐝 CR Feb 16, 2017 · #5

Totally agreed ! Content is king ( after having a MVP - minimum value product/proposition -). Working hard on it ! Thanks @Giampiero Vilardi

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Kevin Baker Feb 15, 2017 · #4

Every one enjoys a good read

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